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Visualization Techniques

Visualization Meaning: Each and every person will have their own dreams and goals to deal with. Some may have the inner strength to face the failures with a smiling face some may not have. A wise man, once said “you are what you think you are” Face the world with a positive mindset and the world will open new doors to you.1

Visualization: The Power of Visualization

But how can I be positive when anything and everything I touch becomes a failure? What can I do when I am a loser? These are the most expected and despising questions. The problem is neither with you nor with the goal, but with your mindset. Try to get rid of what ifs and buts inside your mind feed it with all the positive energy you can. Visualize yourself achieving all the goals.

Visualization Techniques

Visualization or creative visualization one of the most effective and proven Visualization techniques in the psychology. One doesn’t need a special instruments or drills to perform it.

visualization exercises-

  • Understand your mind:

First and foremost step in performing visualization meditation is to make yourself free of any doubts regarding the success. You are born to win and you will win it. The mind is just like our pets what you say they will do it. So prepare your mind for the upcoming success.

  • Take a deep breath;

You have to understand that we are not going to a war. So, loosen up a bit, take a deep and relaxing breath by laying down or finding a suitable seating position. Just inhale and exhale when closing your eyes and wait for it.


  • Wait for what?

Wait for your mind to relax. Try and concentrate in the middle of the forehead while breathing. A lot of thoughts will be projected during this time, even the body will want to move for more comfortable position. They are the mind playing with you just like our pets. Finally, you will reach the state.


A state where your mind will be peaceful and free of all thoughts. A beautiful and perfect state to start the main visualization technique.

Mind affirmation:

Bring yourself in front of your eyes the way you want. Pay attention to the surroundings. Do you want to be in your new car? Do you want to get rid of any physical illness? Anything you can ask. Tell your mind that this is what you want, believe it with your heart.

Now, what?

Once you are satisfied with your visualization and mind control, you will feel a burst of positivity within you. You will gain some faith in yourself. Again take deep and calming breaths. Rub your palms and place them on the eyes. With the new found confidence open your eyes gently and slowly. The world will be different to you.

This is not one-time technique. Your goal may be short term or a lifetime but don’t stop the visualization techniques. This is also not a child’s play. Remember the words, be careful what you wish for.

Visualization Techniques


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