Why you should do yoga nidra daily?

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra, in the modern day’s scenario, carries much importance. Life has become hectic, fast and demanding for humans. The lifestyle demands continuous adjustment such that people are trying to cope with available resources and are adjusting to the changing world. Some become overactive, while few withdraw permanently. People failing to make adjustments, experience distress in personality development that a negative state is felt and this gives rise to psychological or mental problems arousing tension. This yoga is a technique providing body and mind relaxation.

Yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra practices

Yog Nidra is one such practice where the awareness is from the internal mind. Literally, oga Nidra represents ‘psychic sleep’ i.e. sleeping with complete awareness. In this practice, the body sleeps, though the mind is awake listening to instructions. This state in  Nidra yoga is termed as the hypnogogic state that is a state between sleeping and wakefulness. The origin of Yoga Nidra relates to the nyasa, the ancient tantric practice. This was adapted and presented by Swami Satyananda Saraswati in 1998 in a systematic way, though the scientific way was in the 1960s.

Yoga Nidra Techniques/Nidra Yoga Techniques:

Yoga Nidra is done in following stages:

1- Preparation such that the Shavasana posture is performed keeping the eyes closed. Here, initial body and mind relaxation is induced with awareness of comfort, stillness, breath, posture and by listening to the attitude of a witness and to the external sounds.

2-  The body and mind must stay relaxed, then follow the practitioner and do according to his or her wish. A Yoga Nidra Sankalpa is taken; it should be positive, clear and short. Here you are expected to repeat the Sankalpa thrice mentally with full conviction, confidence, and determination.

3- This is followed by awareness rotation around the body in an organized and systematic manner. You are instructed to remain alerted, listen to instructions and move rapidly your mind alone making no physical movements. This is known as yoga nidra and it follows a definite sequence beginning with right side of your body with thumb of the right hand and ending with right foot toe, then the same with left side, back of the body, heels to the backside of head and last front of the body, including forehead and facial individual features to the legs.

4- Natural breath brings changes in the breath flow and one becomes aware by watching it passing through the nostrils, chest, abdomen and the navel and throat. The practitioner becomes aware of the breath and counts it mentally.

5- Feel the emotion intensify and experience it fully such as pain, pleasure, heat, hate, cold, love and so on, visualize the dark space before you and this is known as chidaksha as per the yogic terminology.

6- Take the Sankalpa, repeat three times with faith, end Yoga Nidra for Sleep and become aware of persons, objects and sounds. Stretch the body.

Yoga Nidra Benefits

 There are plenty of Yoga Nidra Benefits on practicing regularly and some of them are:

1- Minimizing tension:

People stay in tension and have disorders owing to that. A high problem may be due to being in frustration and tension. These muscular, mental and emotional tensions can be released progressively through regular and systematic Yoga Nidra.

2- Relaxes mind:

Your brain is the mediator working between emotions, mind, and body.  With the help of yoga nidra, your body stimulates the brain and it induces relaxation, clearing the nerve pathways. The yoga nidra awareness rotation induces flow of energy. Thus by the time you complete each step, the brain is relaxed completely and it brings mental relaxation.

3- Awakens creativity:

Creativity is a result of the calm and relaxed mind. This awareness enters deep into your mind and thus the intuitive and creative awareness is realized. On relaxing deeply, your unconscious mind finds solutions to problems, clears the entire block and awakens your creativity. During the practice of yoga nidra, many things are visualized including experiences, repressed desires, conflicts, frustrations, painful experiences and lots more.


Regular practice is a must with Yog Nidra to understand the balance of conscious and unconscious mind. Avoid doing when you are badly injured and are under heavy medications. Enjoy the Yoga Nidra benefits knowingly.

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