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yoga pose to relax mind

How to Relax mind with Yoga Poses

October 1, 2015

 Many experience relaxation and tranquility during off mat yoga practice. But, on leaving the comfort and safety of the mat and entering the world of bosses, traffic, and other activities, the yogi relaxed demeanor disappears fast. It is essential to living and trusts off mat yoga poses that work on and off the mat. Begin with […]

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Neck yoga poses

What are Best Office Yoga Asanas To Relax After work

August 31, 2015

The Office keeps your brain fried all the time, your hips go stiff, you have a back ache and sore neck. Fortunately, there is top yoga poses best to be performed after work and this relieves tense areas and also offers the added benefit of acquiring mental stress. Doing regular yoga wearning yoga pants can […]

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