yoga prenatal

How to do Prenatal Yoga or Exercise for Pregnant Women

Prenatal Yoga: Exercising during pregnancy is important for the baby and mother. The  yoga prenatal poses are for pregnant mothers so that they need not sweat out and get exhausted. Yoga helps relaxing body and mind and is gentle as it combines pranayama, asanas and the relaxation techniques to achieve balance. Practicing regularly is recommended so […]

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Vrksasana or tree pose

How to do Yoga Tree Pose or Vrksasana

Today I am going to tell you how to do Vrksasana or tree pose. Read and follow it properly, consider the cautions too before doing.   What does Vrksasana mean? Vrksasana is also known as tree pose and yoga pose tree. Vrksa means tree and asana means pose.  Vrksasana or tree  pose steps to be […]

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Summer Yoga

How Yoga Help in Killing Hot Summer

Do you know about Yoga to feel cold in summer? Summer is the time welcomed by kids as it is vacation and they can have a great time. This is also the time that enjoys longest daylight hours with the sun shining bright and heating everyone. With the change of season, one goes and the other […]

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Iyengar yoga

Benefits of Practicing Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga poses are also a form of Hatha yoga pose. In this pose, the props usage is common. This is a yoga discipline that is designed to develop flexibility, strength, awareness and stability. These poses can be held for longer periods and are also therapeutic for certain health conditions. The Iyengar yoga is based […]

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Raja yoga

How to Stay Focused With Raja Yoga

  We all need to learn to be focused  and you know there is one thing that can help, its  yoga mainly Raja yoga or you can say royal yoga. Raja yoga does this give you a feeling of being royal. Yes, the term ‘Raja yoga’ is referred to as the ‘Royal yoga’.  This is […]

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power yoga poses

How to Burn Calories With Power Yoga

Power yoga poses relates to vinyasa practice based on fitness. The term Power yoga emerged in the mid of 1990s as America yoga teachers were trying to teach yoga to students in an accessible manner.  This yoga also has many benefits and qualities, including increased stamina, building internal heat, flexibility and strength, besides stress reduction. […]

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How to Get Health benefits with Yoga for Men

 Yoga for men reveals that there is no rule that women alone wish to have a toned body. Men, dedicate some real time. Even your Y-chromosome carriers are sure to offer huge rewards on a yoga mat and keep your body moving. Men, in fact, benefit more than women on performing yoga postures.  If you […]

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kundalini yoga poses

How Kundalini Yoga Poses Promote Transformational Healing

Are you feeling depressed or suddenly left alone? The reasons may be many or nothing; it may be the hormones working on you, bringing lots of mood changes. It also can be a tough time that is working on your health and you are fighting some surgery or ailment. Let me share some experience that […]

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Hatha yoga poses

What is Hatha Yoga and Its Benefits

What is hatha yoga? Hatha yoga poses refers to the physical yoga postures practice. This includes Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and also the Power yoga classes. Hatha the word is translated as forceful or willful, yoga activity. ‘Ha’ represents the Sun and the ‘tha’ represents the Moon, thus offering yoga of balance.  The practices of Hatha […]

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namaste yoga

Namaste Yoga, Offers Deep Insight and Ensures Heart to Heart Connection

Namaste yoga represents the gesture Namaste. This is a belief of having a Divine spark in the heart chakra and with this gesture of Namaste it receives acknowledgment from one soul to another soul. ‘Nama’ means ‘bow’, ‘as’ refers to ‘I’ and ‘te’ refers to ‘you’. To be precise, Namaste means I bow to you. […]

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