Flat Stomach

Top 6 Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga to reduce belly fat : Yoga is an art when practiced helps in controlling the mind, body, and soul. It not only helps in managing stress and anxiety levels but also plays a major role to improve muscle strength and toning of your body. Certain yoga to reduce belly fat has proven to do wonder […]

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bhramari pranayama

How to Relax Yourself with Bhramari Pranayama

Here the pranayama series continues and reaches to Bhramari pranayama. Bhramari pranayama  is for calming your mind. Among all it is taken as the best breathing yoga asana to release anxiety, agitation and frustration. By doing this you can throw away your anger. You can practice this simple asana anywhere. You can do it at […]

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kapalbhati pranayama

How to Lose Belly Fat with Kapalbhati Pranayama

Here is another stop of your Pranayama journey or you can say one of the yoga breathing techniques – Kapalbhati Pranayama Kapalbhati pranayama procedure is very simple. But ya it’s very important that you do it properly and don’t hurt yourself. You have to do it with caution.   Check out the steps of Kapalbhati […]

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bhastrika pranayama

How to Practice Bhastrika Pranayama to Root Loads of Benefits

Here is the next pranayama breathing exercise- Bhastrika Pranayama  or  The Bellows Breath is described as complete inhaling and exhaling. With this yoga, your body gets maximum oxygen which will help to make you healthy. Here are the bhastrika pranayama steps to be followed– ♦   First of all sit in straight and comfortable posture. ♦  […]

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Analom Vilom

How to do Anulom Vilom to Clear Your Nervous System

Here is the first type of Pranayama. Anulom vilom is also named as alternate nostril breathing or Nadi shodhana pranayama. By the practice of Anulom vilom pranayama breathing yoga, your entire nervous system is toned and cleaned. How to do Anulom Vilom asana ♦  First close your eyes. ♦   Sit in this position for a […]

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How to do Pranayama to Cure, Heal Body and Mind

Yoga being so famous  that now everyone love to do it as it increases our stamina, keep us fit and most important give us calm mind and soul. There are many yoga asanas but the most promising and most important yoga asana is Pranayama. Many yoga doers play music for pranayama, you don’t have? buy […]

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Tadasana yoga steps

How to do Tadasana/Mountain Yoga to Correct Standing Posture

Tadasana, Tada in Sanskrit means mountain and Tadasana is also named as mountain yoga.Today I will tell you about how to stand straight and firm like a mountain. Do use Gravolite Sun Salutation Yoga Mat on which you can do tadasana. Caution- I am writing caution portion in beginning because there is a reason behind […]

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Yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra for Sleep – Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep

What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra, in the modern day’s scenario, carries much importance. Life has become hectic, fast and demanding for humans. The lifestyle demands continuous adjustment such that people are trying to cope with available resources and are adjusting to the changing world. Some become overactive, while few withdraw permanently. People failing to […]

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