dark circles

dark circles

How to Whiten Underarms

How to Whiten Underarms Dark Underarms Easily At Home

August 23, 2016

How to Whiten Underarms: You are going to a party and took out your sleeveless dress but your dark underarms stop you from wearing it. Many of us face this embarrassing problem, isn’t it?. There are many reasons behind armpit darkening, so let’s discuss how to get rid of dark underarms overnight. I did research […]

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 Bhastrika pranayama

How to Practice Bhastrika Pranayama to Root Loads of Benefits

April 7, 2016

Here is the next pranayama breathing exercise- Bhastrika Pranayama  or  The Bellows Breath is described as complete inhaling and exhaling. With this yoga, your body gets maximum oxygen which will help to make you healthy.    Bhastrika pranayama steps to be followed–   ♦   First of all sit in straight and comfortable posture. ♦    […]

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fine lines

How to Remove Fine Lines Without Surgery and Cosmetics

March 12, 2016

  Yoga for fine lines prevention helps. As we age our skin also does. Thus, the skin around the cheeks loosen causing it to sag, thus it makes unwanted facial fine lines. It is also difficult to stop these noticeable aging effects. People have turned to injecting Botox and getting a face-lift for quick results. […]

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How to get rid of dark circles

How to Get rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes Fast with Yoga

February 15, 2016

How to Get rid of Dark Circles: Yoga for dark circles speaks about the tragic thing to the most attractive feature in a woman, her eyes. Women’s eyes say a lot, in fact, speaks volumes. Unfortunately, nowadays women have dark circles under eyes, hindering her beauty. Though with the advancement in the cosmetic world, a lot […]

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