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About Us

There are innumerable weight loss techniques, positive thinking workshop organizers, meditation and spiritual gurus present in the market today! Why must you in the least care about Yoga!


The answer is quite simple-Because Yoga is simple yet effective.


Yoga instills positivity in a person, eliminates all the negative energies and all the yoga asanas are designed to help you achieve desired weight loss as well as a calm and composed mind.


Does the above description excite you? If yes, then welcome to Dyanyoga.com!

We are a leading and reputed source for all kinds of information on health and yoga. Yoga is a spiritual and yoga asanas require a great deal of practice. This is exactly why you need an experienced and knowledgeable teacher to guide and mentor you in the direction of Yoga. You need someone who can help you perform the numerous Yoga asanas and also aid you in understanding their true benefits and power.


Why Us?


We are your one stop destination for information regarding the health benefits of yoga. Dyanyoga.com has been designed and launched for Yoga enthusiasts across the globe. Whether you wish to find out how the magical Surya Namaskar is performed or even if you want to get rid of back pain through the practice, we’ll help you understand the right way to do all of that and much more through our expert articles and analysis of yoga.


At Dyanyoga.com, we believe Yoga is the key to everything. No matter what your desires, goals, mental state or physical condition, with Yoga you can find the apt solution and answers to everything. Our love and passion for the practice has prompted us to create this unique portal, where you can simply eat, sleep and learn more about Yoga as well as explore its true power and unlimited possibilities.


We know that hundreds and thousands of people across the globe are practicing yoga and there are many others who want to perform yoga asanas for their own peace, fitness and health reasons. So, whether you are new to Yoga or even if you are familiar with the practice, feel free to scan our articles and unravel the mysteries and strength of Yoga!


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