10 years i.e. between the 20s – 30s is considered as the most adventurous period of one’s life. It is during this period when you have to render utmost focus on building your career but at the same time there are certain things you should not at all miss doing. Recreation is something you need to take part for ensuring that you render focus on the right thing at the right time. These ten years give you myriad of opportunities to make memories and feel proud of things you manage accomplishing.

Take a look at 30 things you must do before turning 30s

Well, it is true that two people can never have similar thinking towards their life yet this article enlists 30 things that each one of you should try before you turn 30.

1. Visiting a new continent

Visiting a new country means experiencing a myriad of new things. You get to explore different cultures, lifestyle as well as meet different people. The experience you bring back is priceless.

2. Make friends everywhere visit

Travelling somewhere and coming back without making a new friend is a loss. Learn to interact with the locals and try to make at least one good friend. Talk with them about their culture, their rituals and explore places unknown.

3. Enlist the name of 20 popular countries in the world and visit them

Make a list of 20 popular countries in the world. Mark their specialties, get your tickets booked and set forth for exploring them. Go has created the world for you to explore. So do not miss your chance because life is short.

4. Have at least 3- 4 surprising trips

Planning and traveling all the time dissent seem interesting. Setting out for a journey of any prior planning is fun. And before you turn the 30s, it is necessary to rejoice this opportunity. Last minute ticket and hotel booking, packing and so are quite adventurous.

5. Make sure to learning a new language

It is not about the second language that you are thought in school but about learning a new language while traveling. For the same, the locals can help you.

6. Try Bungee jumping at least once

If you don’t try bungee jumping then you cannot call yourself an adventure lover. Bungee jumping is best defined as an insane measure of facing your fears and also overcoming the same.

7. Go for skydiving

Once done with bungee jumping, it’s time to go for sky-diving.

8. Face the worst fear you have

If you are afraid of something, it is not the real danger but the mental issues that make you afraid. Make attempts to overcome phobias you suffer from.

While these are 8 must do things before the 30s, there are much more on the list.

9. Stand and call your name thrice from the mountaintop.

10. Try hard to be financially independent and manage finances.

11. Life is precious. So create an emergency fund to meet unforeseen expenses.

12. This is the ear of digitization. So try online transactions at least once before the 30s.

13. Exercise regularly to keep fit because the human body changes to a large extent during these 10 years.

14. Adhere to a healthy diet.

15. Live the dream you have about your career.

16. Read above 100 books.

17. Write books (at least one).

18. Write letters to self about your expectations, plans and so.

19. Seclude yourself from social networking for a month and feel the change.

20. Take a selfie each day for a year. Don’t worry about others’ thoughts.

21. Enlist things that you love doing and do them.

22. Meet the integrity challenge- the idea borrowed from Mr. Joel Runyon.

23. Help homeless people (at least one) to lead a normal life.

24. Educate at least one or two street children.

25. Donate blood and fund

26. Learn to say the word “NO”.

27. Stick to your own thoughts and stop being dependent or looking for approval from others.

28. Spend a night in the jungle under the glittering stars.

29. Make any product on your own.

30. Learn some extra-curricular activities.


Make sure to try all or at least 20 of these things to spice up your life.