How to Lose Weight?

Yoga for weight loss:  Is Yoga works and fine tune your body?

Tip: Practicing the poses works perfectly only when you do on both sides by repeating the pose. It helps in building flexibility, strength and assures weight loss to be considered as the best yoga for weight loss.


First Let Me Tell You What is an Asana?

Asana refers to pose in Sanskrit and it just means a “yoga pose”. Practicing asanas means it brings relief to physical exertion and the same time mental relaxation is assured. It brings internal and external awareness. How does yoga help you lose weight is a query always.  There are workouts to lose weight. Apart from the fact that yoga helps in burning your calories, it helps in losing weight mentally. The fact is not hidden that stress results in poor diet and yoga reduces stress that helps in making better decision and lowers cortisol levels. Concentrating on yoga diet for weight loss is truly essentialCortisol is the hormone causing stress and weight gain. Reducing the levels of cortisol helps in losing weight naturally.  Yoga challenges your mind and body, that you burn calories and lose weight making it the best exercises to lose weight.


Can yoga help you lose weight? Yes it helps, let us see how…


Yoga combines the cultivation and awareness of mind-body connection. This yoga for weight loss workouts transform your body feel and looks, besides developing a deep understanding of weight management issues and weight control. However, apart from working on the core muscles, arms and legs, the yoga asana for weight loss aspects also reduce your stress levels and metabolism.

Yoga is a wonder tool to promote serious weight loss, besides the mental and physical health of a person. In fact, yoga is ideal weight loss aid. It acts as an aerobic exercise and when performed at moderate speed, and helps getting in shape. Does yoga help you lose weight, if this is your doubt; try yoga moves and yoga poses.


The best exercises to lose weight holds advantage over workouts by diminishing stress that is the main reason to gain weight. Performing asana or exercises ensures you feel fresh, focused and relaxed. The reason is that yoga weight loss tricks or weight loss ideas bring your body, mind and breath in harmony, that the stress is eliminated proving yoga and weight loss work.


Yoga is an ancient exercise form involving yoga steps for weight loss that ensures yoga for slimming and is regarded as a holistic practice. Yoga, the word is derived from ‘Yug’ the Sanskrit word that refers to the union of individual and the universal consciousness. Yoga is a science relating to well-being, integrating soul, body and mind teaching how to lose weight with yoga. It offers physical, mental and spiritual benefit that it brings weight loss as well that it is also regarded as the best exercises to lose weight.


People in growing numbers are becoming highly cautious of increased metabolic disorders and expanding waistlines and looking for how to do yoga at home for weight loss. Their weight relates to diabetes and cancer is the worry. There is a sudden upsurge in prioritizing health, and this has made people restore to asana of yoga for weight loss, fitness regimes and tailor-made diet plans. People also consider body wraps to lose weight.


Yoga is not meant only for people who are obese or for people wishing to lose weight. There are postures of yoga to lose weight fast that can be followed as a regime so that it offers flexibility. Of course, it is a highly effective tool in addressing weight loss for men and women than the gyms teaching intensive workout sessions. However, Understanding the asana and the mechanism helps. Thus, on understanding, it is really gratifying and enlightening to notice yoga everyday weight loss.

Journey Of Yoga for Weight Loss Begins:


Before targeting yoga for weight loss, comprehend the yoga poses for weight loss for beginner’s facts that are contributing to gain weight. There may be faulty dietary habits, but one must identify the weight gain and consider yoga workout for weight loss. This helps in identifying the weight gain stems due to various body functions inefficient functioning. Yoga focuses on basic breathing practices that help in balancing, cleansing and rejuvenating the functions and the inner organs. There are yogalates for weight loss, breathing exercises as weight loss exercise and asana that help in heart rates and metabolic functions. Once you work on yoga positions for weight loss, you get healed inside and you can shift to outer body.


Yoga weight loss results helps cleaning inner strengthens your stamina and core, promotes metabolic rate and increases flexibility. Yoga weight loss that works involves body twisting, backward and forward bends, inversion and many more weight loss diet poses open the rusted muscles and facilitates weight loss answering your query of will yoga help me lose weight.


A few simple yoga asanas or yoga weight loss plan to get started:


  1. Surya Namaskar

surya namaskar

This is the most well-known asana that is guaranteed weight loss and is also widely practiced as yoga for weight loss. The Surya Namaskar translates to the salutation to sun.  It comprises of twelve yoga poses focused on the body parts. The surya namaskar is good for the body and involves twelve poses in one such as basic prayer pose the cobra pose known as bhujangasana and the forward bend. Yoga at home for weight loss refers first to Surya Namaskar.


Want to know how to do surya namaskara?


Can yoga make you lose weight? Yes, the surya namaskar is a fantastic way of keeping your body active and it helps in exercising all the body areas and confirms is yoga good for weight loss and toning.  It promotes strengthening skeletal system, aids easing anxiety and stress, and besides reinforces the ligaments. A round of Surya Namaskar comprises of 12 yoga poses of two sets each. It is good to practice as many rounds you are comfortable with.


  1. The warrior pose

The warrior pose

This is one of the best  yoga poses involves the mountain pose that is followed by stretching one leg back and the other taking a position at ninety degree with your knee, while your hands are right stretched over your head. This is known as Veerabhadrasana as well.


On knowing how to lose weight this can be furthered as warrior pose 2 by bringing your hands in the folded form before your chest and keeping your leg stretched and straight pointing outwards, while your arm are outward stretched apart and the other leg is positioned at ninety degrees.


Can I lose weight with yoga, is your doubt? In fact, the answer is straight and simple to try the warrior pose that is one of the yoga poses for weight loss that shows a person strong and neat build. The warrior yoga poses are good for your thighs, legs, back and arms, besides it assists in improving blood circulation. This is also one of the best exercises to lose weight.


  1. Triangular pose

Triangular pose

This yoga routine for weight loss pose begins with keeping wide legged; such that you turn out your right foot. Now stretch and keep your arms out, thereby push the waistline right side over your right leg and ensure to go down slowly, facing downwards and maintain flat back.


Position on the ground your right palm or place your stretched left arm upwards on a block with your left arm. Repeat the same to the other side. This yoga help lose weight and works well for your body sides, arms and thighs. This is an absolute pose in yoga for fat loss.


  1. Upward plank

Upward plank

This may be a bit difficult in the starting, but on understanding how to lose weight, the asana will ensure you are satisfied and are a good choice even as weight loss yoga for beginners. It works extensively for wrists, spine, arms, and shoulders, back and also reinforces your muscles. An excellent one for the respiratory system offering your body core strength as it work on your inner thing muscles, legs and hips.


There are best exercises to lose weight. You may sit with stretched legs in front and place hands behind your hips pointing your feet. You may next point your feet and get ready to rise up. Rise from the tailbone and pull your head back. It will be exactly opposite from the position you get in before you actually get ready for a push up in the conventional style.


These yoga exercises for weight loss really do wonders, but there is a need to give considerable time. There is also need for lot of dedication in adhering to diet and the yoga asana. Understanding the best yoga poses for weight loss is essential so that you work accordingly. These help you only when you have or maintain a positive approach.


  1. The boat pose

The boat pose

Yoga poses for weight loss belly can rely on the boat pose to a great extent. It is an effective yoga for weight loss. Lie down and resemble a boat getting a v shape position. Hold for 10 seconds the position and increase the bar with each passing day. Initially, your muscles in the stomach will go for a toss, but over time your belly fat slowly.


  1. The bridge pose

The bridge pose

Benefits of yoga for weight loss is with bridge pose. For this pose lie on your back, keep stretched hands sideways, fold knees, spread out and rise from pelvis area you body. Support with your hands to handle the position in hold. It really is good for your thighs, hips and stomach and the best yoga for weight loss.


Physical exercise is important so that the overall well-being is maintained and following the best exercise to lose weight is mandatory.  It helps in keeping health related troubles at a distance. However, learning how to lose weight is the biggest achievement can be visualized only when the physical activity is teamed with appropriate diet.


You cannot expect drastic weight loss, as it cannot happen. Extreme weight loss or dramatic weight loss indicates serious problem that should be consulted with doctor so that you know is yoga good for weight loss for you.



7. Prasarita Padottanasana (wide-legged forward bend)

 Prasarita Padottanasana (wide-legged forward bend)

This is one of the yoga poses where your hands must touch the floor, spread 3-4 feet apart your feet and bed at the hips, so that your back is straight as you bend and do not merely hunch forward. This is an ideal and also one of the best workouts to lose weight.


Bend properly to feel in the hamstrings a strong stretch. To get the form correct, practice before the mirror. Hold your breaths. Only if you are comfortable clasp your hands at the back. Bring them to the ceiling so that your shoulders and arms get extra stretch and results weight loss.


8. Anjaneyasana( Lunge)

 Anjaneyasana( Lunge)

The Anjaneyasana is one of the yoga poses for stretching hips. Many people experience tight hips and this happens when they sit before the compute for entire day. This asana increases the flexibility, helps in splits and is the most wonderful workouts to lose weight.


Bear in mind that in this asana you learn how to lose weight. This yoga allows your hands to have complete liberty. You can have these workouts to lose weight anywhere in this asana, and the location determines the muscles you consider stretching. In case you raise your arms up and tilt backward, it means this stretch is for the back stretch and for the hips.

On bringing your arms down behind you means this is a bit to stretch towards the lower back and this is the weight loss that works.  The third is to rest your hands on the knee before you; this will not give deep stretch to the hips.


Make sure your front knee is nearly 90 degrees and hold at least for 30 seconds and consider repeating with the other side. You are ensured weight loss.


9.  Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose)

 Ardha Navasana (Half Boat Pose)

This is exceptionally good to lose weight. This yoga asana works directly for the tummy. Does yoga make you lose weight is rightly answered in this pose. Here, you can feel the ab muscles working hard while you are performing and holding this pose. This yoga pose is recommended before and after weight loss.


Place your palms on the ground to have proper balance, and raise your legs first.  Only if you feel stable, raise your arms keeping everything parallel to the ground. In case, you find this easy, start making more space between chest and knees by moving your knees farther. You must feel your abs burning, only then it can be considered the right way of doing asYoga complete for weight loss.


Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Once comfortable with this pose, consider legs straightening for extra challenge, but this is not easy to balance in as full boat pose.


10. Vasisthasana(Side Plank )

 Vasisthasana(Side Plank )

This is a side plank pose that also are the best workouts to lose weight. This yoga pose works for losing weight. This pose with planks included in yoga asana is really helpful for losing weight. All the variations with plank are wonderful for the abs. Know here can you lose weight doing yoga.


How to weight loss is a serious thought in many people as they do not know where to star what to start with. Whereas the actual fact is starting with any of the yoga pose or few of the yoga poses is enough to put things on the right track.


With Vasisthasana, you may start the regular plank position, but ensure doing it on the yoga mat such that you can keep palms facing down touching the mat, while your shoulder-width should be wide apart, and keep your toes together. Turn your feet towards the left such that the right side of right foot outer is touching the mat and the left foot is over the top. It should be like one over the other like a book on another book.


Shift your body weight on the right hand and remove left hand from ground. Then take your left arm up ahead straight pointing the ceiling.  Your shoulders and hips must be in one pose they should be in line directly with each other and should not lean backward or forward. This asana practiced as before and after weight loss proves worthy.


Hold for 30 seconds and follow the same on the other side. This is a proven weight loss that works.



11. Vriksasana(Tree Pose)

Vriksasana(Tree Pose)

Tree asana is again good for weight loss even as morning yoga for weight loss. It is hard to balance this pose than it actually may appear, but knowing how to lose weight teaches practicing with patience. The tree asana can be practiced before and after weight loss. There are no such restrictions and it always is beneficial.


Bring on the inside your left foot in to rest of your left thigh.  Keep back straight.  There is possibility that your body may lean forward as you keep trying to balance, but you must bring back up your shoulders. Position your hands pressed at your heart together to help with balance, and then lift your hands above your head pointing the ceiling. This weight loss that works does wonders in toning your body perfectly.


Hold for 30 seconds, and follow the same on the other side.


12. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

 Utkatasana (Chair Pose)


This chair asana is the version of yoga poses of a squat hold that is good for weight loss. It is a spot deserved amongst the asana of yoga for weight loss. Doing this as before and after weight loss gives you an experience in your quadriceps while performing this asana.


Keep your feet together and position your arms straight above you while you attempt lowering into a squatting position. You should be able to see in front your feet before knees. In case you are unable to see your feet, it means your knees are bent much forward. This yoga asana can be done before and after weight loss.


Tuck slightly in your hips and avoid arching too much in the back. Get your thighs close to the floor in parallel without the need for compromising the form. This is the weight loss that works.


Hold for 30 seconds. There is a need for holding it for 30 seconds. Though, this also comes only with practice and not as soon as you start that you can hold. Give some time and practice, you will see the success of losing weight and also doing yoga with ease. Remember to do at the same time to see effective results.


Tips to bear in mind

  • Doing yoga regularly: Doing yoga regularly and knowing how to lose weight is mandatory to support weight loss, but in case you do not follow it regularly, you cannot see results.
  • There is a need to be very patient to know how to lose weight fast in case you wish to get best results. The yoga is not any magical pose, so be patient and do not anticipate immediate results to lose weight.
  • If you consider being overweight, the best option is to couple yoga with gym as a routine. It will prove to be the right choice of workouts to lose weight.
  • Develop best eating habits. This is essential to lose weight. Good habits is to avoid soft drinks and junk food, no skipping meals or overeating, avoid chatting or TV watching while eating. Fat burning yoga poses are useful only when you have control on your eating and drinking patterns. You are expected to give up a lot of food that you may crave for like fast foods and soft drinks. The sugar addition in any form must be restricted to avoid adding calories and weight.
  • Consider outdoor activities as they help in losing fat and clear your doubts if any that can you lose weight with yoga. Go out on weekends and consider activities such as bicycling and hiking.

 Hopefully after reading whole weight loss guide you will start doing yoga very soon.

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