Ashtanga yoga poses poses are effective with a good balance of body and mind

Ashtanga yoga poses represent the eight-limbed poses of yoga. This includes ethical and moral guidelines, breath work, postures, meditation, concentration and sense withdrawal. Ashtanga yoga denotes the system comprising of a series of poses done in order and is connected to your breath.


Ashtanga Yoga Poses Origin

 The Ashtanga yoga poses practice was known as Yoga Kurunta, an ancient detailed Sanskrit text. This was rediscovered in this century again by T.Krishnamacharya Jois. Ashtanga yoga is yoga of different type designed to cleanse your body. You may have realized in your personal life that even one day when you do not take a proper car or eat properly as you do regularly, you do not feel good. The Ashtanga yoga poses are designed to cleanse your body as per philosophy such that it offers awareness and mental clarity.

There are online classes available and on completion, you are certified in Ashtanga yoga. To get started, you may find some basic yoga poses and balance tips.

Basic Ashtanga Yoga Poses

Sun Salutation:

Sun salutation brings to mind the vinyasa yoga poses. However, you can start on your mat in a standing position such that you stand upright. It is referred to as samasthitih. You may lift up your arms above your head, keep palms together.  This is also known as the Surya Namaskar pose. This is also referred to as urhva Vrikshasana pose that is an upward tree position.


Stay on the mat, keep your arms straight and do not move your feet or hands. Lift your head and face the ceiling. Make a triangle pose balancing the corners with your hands and feet. Uttanasana is a position that allows your entire body to stay on your mat and is same as a push-up.

You can bend from your hip, emphasize on the front torso lengthening. Or if possible, keep knees straight, touch your fingertips to the floor in the front and hold the ankles backs. If you find this difficult, hold your elbows by crossing your forearms. Press heels to the floor and face toward the ceiling by lifting the sitting bones. Turn top thighs inward. Uttanasana may be a resting position between standing poses. Retain the pose for 30 seconds to a minute.

Upward-facing dog

 Maintain urdhva mukha shvanasa pose and lift towards the ceiling your body and keep the torso lower. Your head remains facing the floor down, while your legs and arms are straight. Keep the palms pressed to the floor, press chest forwards. Inhale and lift legs from the floor by pressing the feet down. Breathe for 1-3 breaths and release.

Downward-facing dog

 Bring hands forward away from your shoulders and keep fingers spread. Bend, keep legs wide and allow your palms to touch the floor. Your head can go between the distances of your hands towards your belly. Engage your lower belly to the spine drawing the navel back. Press floor away, lift hips back and push back upside down.

Initially, you may bend your knees, take the hips slowly up and straighten the legs. In this way, maintain the spine length and take the thighs top and back of the knees.

Balance Tips of ashtanga yoga poses

 Ashtanga yoga poses have one important thing and that is a balance. This helps in doing advanced moves. It brings balance to a state of mind. This ensures inner balance and on practicing it continuously you can be the better you and understand the inner harmony. The simple balance tips are:

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Restrictive clothing may hinder circulation. Thus while doing yoga, find a perfect balance, this is essential.
  • This is a relaxing exercise. Start a routine beginning with one-legged pose. if you are stressed, you cannot balance as your body is tensed.
  • Try breathing exercises if you are really stressed. This can also be some simple stretch forms to relax your body.


 Being stressed prior to beginning the yoga routine does not help in holding the balance. To stay calm, listen to music without words. Even nature sounds are pleasing to relax your body and ease your stress and to offer inner balance and make your Ashtanga yoga poses effectively and highly successful.

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