Day: November 26, 2017

Ashtanga Yoga- Origin, Basic Poses, Tips and Caution

Ashtanga yoga poses poses are effective with a good balance of body and mind Ashtanga yoga poses represent the eight-limbed poses of yoga. This includes ethical and moral guidelines, breath work, postures, meditation, concentration and sense withdrawal. Ashtanga yoga denotes the system comprising of a series of poses done in order and is connected to your breath. Ashtanga Yoga Poses Origin  The Ashtanga yoga poses practice was known as Yoga Kurunta, an ancient detailed Sanskrit text. This was rediscovered in this century again by T.Krishnamacharya Jois. Ashtanga yoga is yoga of different type designed to cleanse your body. You...

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Do You Know Something About Side Effects of Hair Color?

Side effects of hair color: Hair dye is not only for concealing gray hairs. People have started choosing colors for their hair expressing personality and are keen on experimenting with their looks to achieve a vibrant and healthy hair. This has resulted in the hair dyes popularity to escalate, but many are concerned about the side effects of these chemical contents. Hair allergies due to colors are common and it may damage hair.  However, there are natural alternatives such as henna to ensure better hair health. The trend of hair coloring is not new. The hair color trend is...

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