Home Made Hair dye

Hair Dye Naturally and Stay Away from Chemicals

homemade hair dye– Recent studies reveal the fact that nearly 65% women dye their hair and this is due to the convenience of availability of over-the-counter hair dyes at the drug stores.  Buyers or users may be aware of the chemicals in each pack of hair dye. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) says that more than 5,000 different chemicals are employed in the products of hair dye and in the salon’s people come in contact every day with these chemicals. Here are some natural alternatives:


Home Made Hair Dye

Homemade hair dye with coffee: Coffee is one of the best things that make your hair darker. It offers a chocolate color and besides without any damage done to your hair.  All you have to do is take organic strong coffee and to allow it to cool.  Mix 2 cups in natural conditioner with 2 tbsp. of organic coffee grounds with cold brewed coffee 1 cup and make coffee hair dye paste. Apply and leave your hair for 1 hour and rinse with apple cider vinegar, it will last for a longer time.

Another option is a coffee rinse, where you shampoo your hair and pour cool coffee over your hair, leave it for 20 minutes and to seal the color for a longer time, rinse with apple cider vinegar and finally rinse using warm water.  There may be chances that the results do not show immediately; if so you may repeat the process few more times allowing the coffee to penetrate. After applying this trick check coffee hair dye before and after.

Tea: Tea works best offering natural hair color. Black tea is effective to go darker and the grey hairs get covered, while other teas can be used for lighter hair, such as rooibos for redheads and chamomile for blondes. Take 3-5 tea bags in two cups of water, apply cooled tea or mix it with conditioner.  If you wish to cover grays, mix in dried or fresh sage so that it helps in opening your hair follicles. Leave on an hour, or even overnight to get more color and rinse using warm water. Really a natural hair dye for grey hair, isn’t it.


Henna: Henna powder is made using henna plant leaves and it has a coloring pigment naturally and thus works perfectly with hair. It may be used alone to get a red-orange color, appropriate choice for redheads and brunettes. Results may be more orange, so try mixing it with chamomile to soften it. Take a cup of henna powder and add lemon juice two cups. Optional: add 1 tbsp of vinegar for better release of color.  Let it sit for 4-6 hours, apply to hair and comb, wrap in plastic wrap initially and later before rinsing leave it for 2-3 hours and then rinse with water.


Beet and Carrot Juice:  They are natural and can be mixed or used alone. People who want red may use beet juice more and for reddish-orange add carrot more.  Apply any juice one cup to your hair and you can mix coconut oil as well. Apply, wrap your hair for an hour, rinse with water and spray apple cider vinegar as a sealant, this ensures darker color. I think now your query how to colour hair naturally with beetroot is solved now.

So next time whenever  you are in mood of changing hair color then Hair Dye Naturally and Stay Away from Chemicals