Aluminum foil is commonly seen in the kitchen and it was in the early 190ss that it was introduced.  The aluminum foil is highly versatile and is used in wrapping, cooking.

aluminium foil health risks


Foil Paper Side Effects-

The issue is that the aluminum foil is neurotoxic by nature and it affects negatively the function of the brain and was found to trigger the Alzheimers disease. Exposure to this metal by medical experts is explained as that it may result in mental decline and loss of memory, bodily control, balance and coordination

Additionally, it is shown scientifically that cooking with aluminum foil has an impact on the bones and this is owing to the metal accumulating in the bones, leading to calcium loss of that is of great importance for good bone health.

Cooking using aluminum foil was found to cause respiratory issues and pulmonary fibrosis. As it is exposed to high temperatures while grilling or baking, the little metal bits end up in the food. These tiny pieces do not get released, but on adding lemons or spices causes chemical discharge of aluminum.

Essam Zubaidy, an American University of Sharjah, chemical engineering researcher did an extensive study looking at the aluminum effects on cooking. He noticed that meals cooked may contain nearly 400 mg of aluminum. Especially, if the temperature is high, the leaching is more. The aluminum foil is not appropriate for cooking or even to use it with vegetables such as citrus juice, tomatoes or spice, he explained.

The aluminum foil helps in preparing tasty meals and is also budget-friendly, but it is highly bad for your bones, brains, and lungs. Thus, avoiding issues that are brain-related, bones related, eventually ending with unhealthy lungs mean, it is best to stop using aluminum foil.

Human bodies excrete aluminum in small amounts efficiently and this shows that minimal exposure is not an issue. In fact, an intake of 40 mg per kg per day as per the body weight is considered safe by the WHO. This means a person weighing 60 kg is allowed an intake of 2500 mg.

Unfortunately, most people ingest more than the suggested daily safe level intake. Aluminum is already present in yellow cheese, herbs, spices, corn, salt, and tea. In fact, the cooking utensils also have aluminum. However, now scientists are exploring if the aluminum over exposure is posing a threat to human health. In fact, it is detected that high aluminum concentrations in the brain tissue is detected in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Aluminum foil dangers cause renal impairment or bone diseases. It declines the human brain cells growth rate. Aluminum is likely to leach food with liquid food solutions that are acidic such as tomato and lemon juice. The level of leaching is more when it includes spice to food and aluminum foil is used to cook. Try to find aluminium foil alternatives and try to be away from Foil Paper Side Effects.


The research suggests aluminum foil should be avoided completely because of Foil Paper Side Effects while cooking while baking or for a lining. Instead, it may be considered for wrapping cold food for a short time.