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How to look good in photos: Photographs taken are loved by all when the photo comes great. It is hard to get the right photo in the very first attempt. On an average, only one in six takes or sometimes, even more, pictures are taken to arrive at the best result. Yet, some are not pleased when it has to be published online.  Some edit it, put stickers or filters as well. Especially, with selfies, there is a pressure to look in a particular way and it leaves most people wondering, how the celebrities photos on social media sites look so perfect.

Now, whether it is a bad angle occasionally or you are unable to take a selfie properly, it may be disappointing. But do not worry; here we are ready to assist you to get the best of your selfies, if you are good looking but not photogenic then Here are some of the tricks that are to get a perfect shot:


How to Look Good in Photos


Choose a good background

The background is important to bring a difference to your selfie. Let it have some interesting skylines, walls, water bodies, flowers, and greenery to make great options. It comes with a package.

Avoid looking at the camera directly

In case you consider yourself to be less photogenic, the best is to avoid looking directly at the camera. This gives a cool and effortless feel, besides such shots are flattering.

Edit Pics

There are photo-editing apps and editing photos before posting is a kind of cheating, but as it is your own profile, it gives a little boost. You can play with filters, go ahead, blur the blemishes and brighten dark shadows.

Check Lighting

The dark rooms and evening lights are tricky, while flattering are the flashes. It is best to have a real-time filter that is the daylight but avoid sunlight directly.

Go For Motion

Strike a pose and this can be as taking a stroll and this gives you a natural feel.

Look Up

You can look better always by looking from above. This gives your jawline a slim look and lifts the area under eye giving a taller look.


How to Be Beautiful In Photos – Consider Detail Shots


If you love your outfit, your pose may not come right. Instead, take the assistance of your friend to capture pretty shots. There is no need to give a forceful smile.

Having a photo taken is a common problem faced by many and being photogenic is no inborn talent or hereditary. In fact, it is a skill acquired through practice.  Here are some useful tips:

  • Keep your skin clarified to keep your skin in good condition. Smooth it by moisturizing your face, especially before a photo. Ensure to wear makeup offering a natural look.
  • Always smile showing some teeth. Keep a natural face with a real smile. It should be your regular smile flowing with natural emotions.
  • Looking at the camera straight reveals your face fullness, instead turn slightly your face and see your face in a slim shape creating natural highlights. You may tilt your head down slightly and keep to a side to ensure photogenic looks.

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