Skin Whitening Mask

How to whiten skin:  Beauty is always an important part, It boosts up our confidence. Don’t forget to take care of it. You should give some time to your skin too.  You can make your skin white with whitening mask.  You can make it at home easily. With this post, you will see skin whitening treatment at home. Your wish to get clear and spotless skin will soon come to an end with a whitening face mask.  This amazing skin whitening home remedies
 is best one.  You just follow this skin whitening peel off the mask and follow some skin whitening tips to get your skin lightening.  The time came to natural skin whitening.  Get fair skin and shine among all.

The mask I am talking about is peel whitening mask of beetroot for skin whitening.

Skin Whitening Mask


  • Beetroot
  • Rose water
  • Gelatin


rose water-Skin Whitening Mask

Beetroot Juice for skin whitening- Skin Whitening Mask

Method to make beetroot skin whitening peel off mask


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First grate beetroot and extract juice with a cotton cloth. Though this remedy is not successful for all sort of skin. Some have oily skin, some have dry skin and some have rough skin,  so first find out what type of skin you have. Take a patch test to test it. If you find this effective on you can use it on the face too.  Do cleansing before applying juice. For this take a small bowl, add rose water and little bit beetroot juice. Now take a cotton ball and use it on your hand for cleansing.  Keep on rubbing your hands with rose water and beetroot mixture on our hand for seven minutes. Now scrub your hands for around 2 minutes.  Now, it’s time to apply the mask.

Take gelatin powder around 2 spoons and add beetroot juice around 5 spoons. now Keep this mixture in the oven, keep in mind there are no lumps in it. Let it cools down and apply this mix on your hands for around thirty minutes and as it gets dries up peel it off.  You will feel some pain while peeling it off.  After peeling it off apply rose water. Now see how much your skin is glowing. Check the difference between both of your hands. Skin lightening will be the result.

Do follow skin brightening mask and let me know the result you got.


Skin Whitening Peel Off Mask 100% Natural Ingredients


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