How to Make Hair Black Naturally Without Dye ?


Oh…Did you notice a change in your hair color? Are they graying?

Reversing gray hair, is it possible? Are there home remedies for gray hair turns into black fastHow to cover gray hair without dye?

These questions revolve around in our mind with first white hair ……..

Every one of us doesn’t like white hairs on our head, not even single one. With the arrival of first white hair, we start searching is there any permanent solution for gray hair? We don’t want to use dye or hair color to make it black again but we want our black hairs back again….





There are many Home remedies for white hair but I am mentioning one of the best home remedies for white hair which proved fruitful to many.  I have a best and perfect solution for you. By using this amazing mixture you can get rid of annoying white hairs.

You use dyes available in the market for coloring your hairs but I have one surprise recipe for your white hairs. This recipe works great. The method to make it is very easy you can make it at home. You need just two things and only a few minutes.

Ingredients yHOME REMEDY FOR WHITE HAIRSou need for white hairs

Peels of Potatoes( 5 middle sizes)

Water ( 2 cups)

Method to make-

Take a pot, add water and potato peels. Cook the mixture till it boils and leave it for five minutes on medium flame. Now keep it aside and let it cool down.

Now strain it and put in a bowl. add rosemary or lavender essential oil to give it a refreshing scent.

How to Use:

First Wash your hairs and massage the scalp and hairs with this great mixture. Leave it for five minutes  and add wash off with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.  After using this mixture for few weeks you will notice that you are getting results.

Home remedies for white hairs

I hope you got an answer to your query how to make hair black naturally without dye.


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