Day: September 27, 2016

Top 7 Fruits Rich in Vitamins and Minerals – DO Check it Now

We need to keep our body running smoothly to handle our hectic life. To move it smoothly we need loads of necessary nutrients from antioxidants helpful in fight diseases to heavy metals to build our bones. It is good to know that we can get all these in our daily meals through fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. I want all these vitamins and minerals naturally, do you? My post will help to make you aware of foods that have important nutritious.  Do let me know if you know something more about nutritious fruits.   Top 7 Fruits Rich...

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Top 19 Calcium Rich Foods

We all are aware of the fact that if we want our bones and teeth strong we have to take calcium. Calcium is easily found in many beverages and foods.  We can easily incorporate those foods into our diet. Here is a list of top 19 calcium rich foods – 1. Cow Milk Cow milk is used since ancient days because it’s rich in calcium. It is advised to take twice a day. 2. Curd Many homeopathy doctors suggest having curd not sore one in empty stomach for some weeks. This intake will bring calcium to our body. 3. Bananas...

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