Age 40 + is a milestone achieved. Maintaining the body after 40+ or in the age of 43 is perfect. This birthday ensures to check your health as there is a risk of health conditions. There may be many other responsibilities such as ageing parents, demanding jobs, growing children, giving a reason to put your health checkup aside.  But at 43, you must evaluate and plan the long-run.

Staying healthier after turning 40 is a must and if you are very busy going for a checkup at the age of 43 cannot be ignored. Staying healthier indicates few pointers to take care. To begin with:

1. Check Your Vision Problems 

Vision starts to worsen, without any delay gets your eyes checked. There may be a problem in reading fine prints; there may be a need to wear reading glasses. Even wearing sunglasses is essential to prevent damage. Have diet full of vegetables and fruits so that you do not miss out on vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.Do some yoga specially meant for Vision improvement.

2. Know Your Numbers

Age 43 is a right time to check your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and weight gain at 40 years old of your body. Visit a pharmacy, get your blood pressure checked and also go for a blood sugar test. Being aware of these numbers helps you if there is any risk factor hidden. You know there are many yoga asanas which  help a lot in controlling High  blood pressure and Blood sugar.

3. Explore Family History

Family tree must be examined carefully to know if genetics increase the risks for particular diseases such as heart disease or cancer. Also, check for cancer after 43, it is the right time to assure you have nothing such that it comes as a family history.  Heart problems also need to be checked that takes place due to medications and lifestyle changes.

4. Muscle Up (Improve Core Strength, Flexibility, Motion Range and Balance)

Time to begin weight loss at 40 bearing exercises in association with cardiovascular exercises and this helps your muscles.  This is because, with the growing age, flexibility is lost and so to improve core strength, flexibility, motion range and balance, practising yoga is also recommended. This keeps you going as you get older. There is a list of  yoga asanas to maintain flexibility How to Become Flexible with Yoga.

5. Stay with Your Fiber Friend

Enjoying and gorging on food time is now over. Make sure you eat limited food, check on calories and keep away from unwanted calories adding food items.  Stay with your fiber friend and take lots of fluids, it is helpful to stay light. Eat high fiber foods, avoid sweets from your diet and follow an eating plan that is full of vegetables, fruits, nutrient rich food, low-fat dairy, lean protein and whole grains. If  you will try yoga too to burn your calories you will see more nice results.  Check How power yoga help to burn calories.

6. Thyroid Check

People feeling worn out or gain unusual weight, lose skin and hair luster may get their thyroid checked. This neck gland helps in regulating hormones and in maintaining energy levels. Taking right action helps in staving off complications. However, a test for thyroid alone can show you the truth. Yes thyroid too can be controlled with yoga. Just you need dedication and regularity to do it.

Doing regular physical activity,yoga,  maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stresses levels and an eating a diet high in vegetables, fruits and polyunsaturated keeps your blood vessels healthy, besides decrease the waistline. Invest in a healthy lifestyle and stay healthy at heart and in your brain.