Guiding your baby in the early movements promotes the baby her ability to walk, crawl and sit. Baby yoga can be done together as you and your baby. This delights your baby as well. The ideal stage to start your baby yoga poses is at 3 to 4 months when your baby holds her head up. Performing baby yoga poses is helpful as your baby sleeps more soundly, increases body awareness and eases gas pains.

Baby yoga poses

Downward Dog

Downward Dog Baby Yoga Pose

Yoga for babies includes this basic yoga exercise with the parents helps from. Downward Dog is best performed for a 5 months baby and is good for walking. Place your baby on her stomach. Gently, lift her buttock such that her weight is balanced on her feet. Now she cannot put her hands for support on the ground, but later she can create the downward dog shape.


Fish Baby Yoga PoseThis pose helps in promoting your baby’s circulation. It delivers oxygenated blood to the tissues.  Place your baby on her back and kneel near your baby. Keep one hand under her back creating a little arch, such that the bottom and shoulders of your baby touch the ground. With another hand, hold the feet of your baby gently and while holding such pose, you may sing to enjoy engagement.

The Half Boat

Half Boat Baby Yoga PoseThis pose involves baby and mom, both and is ideal for younger babies. You may hold your baby on your abdomen as you lie back. Gently, lift your legs and shoulder to lift your baby from your abdomen and keep her on your lower legs. Ensure your baby’s chest is resting on your knees and the legs can go on either side. Hold for three seconds, return your baby to the original position, your abdomen and lower your head and legs. Repeat three times.


Shoulderstand Baby Yoga poseShoulderstand is beneficial aiding elimination and digestion. Place your baby supported by a carpet or blanket on her back. Kneeling down and gently grasp her thighs, while you lift your baby’s legs in the air. Her neck, shoulders, and head should be on the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and keep a watch on your baby. Only if you find your baby is comfortable, repeat it three times.


Locust yoga pose

Locust Baby Yoga PoseThis yoga asana is helpful in strengthening your baby’s back, arms and shoulders and also increase his flexibility. This will also help in improving his digestion. First place your baby lying on stomach and rest head on the mat. Now show him to extend legs straight behind him. Now show him to inhale and raise his head and to take arms alongside his body facing down. Let him hold for few seconds or one minute. Exhale and come back to the ground. Repeat two or three times.

The joy of having a baby is more. Yoga is like any other exercise but is a mindful practice. Practice bracing with your little one on the pelvic floor is interesting. Bouncing securely your little one ensures a firm hold. You must have your torso steady and move your legs and enjoy heightening their senses.

Importance of baby yoga

Toddler yoga is important as your little one spends time within you in an upside-down position. In fact this position brings to the brain more blood and is a natural position. It increases the endorphin levels and sends signal to the nervous system to energize depending on the body needs.  Initially, you can make your little one see you doing yoga and with this you can give your baby a kiss or a snuggle each time you complete a round. Unknowingly your baby will get interested as she gets all the attention from her mom.  Teach your kid in a gently and funny way so that your baby is able to sense the connection.

The movements of baby yoga poses should be interactive, playful and interesting that the entire family feels the fun. You can start it early, but do not introduce too many or one each day. Instead, practice one pose for many days and only after ensuring your baby is enjoying, try the next simplest pose. If you notice, any sort of discomfort while performing baby yoga, you must stop immediately. Paying utmost attention is a must as it cannot speak, but the reaction in the baby’s face will communicate the discomfort your baby is undergoing.

Caution regarding baby yoga: Practice infant yoga on a mat or even on a soft blanket. This keeps the baby comfortable. As a word of caution, do not perform yoga immediately after feeding your baby. Feed her before 30 minutes and ensure she burps, so that there is no discomfort experienced by your baby. Make it a regular practice at the regular time and for a specific time period, say 15 minutes.

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