Prenatal Yoga: Exercising during pregnancy is important for the baby and mother. The  yoga prenatal poses are for pregnant mothers so that they need not sweat out and get exhausted. Yoga helps relaxing body and mind and is gentle as it combines pranayama, asanas and the relaxation techniques to achieve balance. Practicing regularly is recommended so that it improves the mental, physical and emotional well-being. It improves circulation of blood, flexibility and muscle tone, thus it offers benefits even after pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga poses strict instructions

Prior to signing up for yoga prenatal class:

  • Consult your doctor and start on fitness programs during pregnancy. Your doctor will advise on the yoga poses that are suitable for you
  • Consider a qualified instructor having good experience and qualification in teaching pregnant women or you may also go for a yoga prenatal class that teaches specific prenatal yoga poses.

 Tips to start yoga prenatal

Already practicing yoga means you may continue even during pregnancy.  But, if this is where you are going to start yoga poses as exercise during pregnancy, start from the second trimester. It may be performed every day or weekly once. The duration ranges per session from 5 to 60 minutes, yet you may follow the guidelines such as:

  • Carefully listen to your body. Stop if you experience even slightest discomfort and modify each pose with your body changes.
  • Avoid poses stretching your muscles much and do not lie on your back. Perform prenatal exercise that relaxes your connective tissues and joints.
  • The center of gravity shifts from the second trimester. So consider the standing poses such that you are against the wall or consider something for support so that you do not cause injury to your baby or yourself.
  • Move from the back and shoulders, while twisting. Avoid any pressure on the abdomen. Try to take no twists during pregnancy, it is not safe.

It is important of yoga prenatal poses and even simple poses can bring a big difference. Some of the prenatal yoga poses include:

1- Palm tree pose-

Prenatal Yoga

Palm tree pose gives a feel of swaying in the wind.  Stand straight, raise your arms above your head and now keep your fingers interlocked. Stretch carefully and very slowly towards your right and then do towards the left. This is a way of imitating the palm trees swaying movement.

Benefit: This yoga pose strengthens and stretches the torso.

2- Modified triangle pose-

Prenatal Yoga

Modified triangle pose is done by positioning your body in three triangles. Begin by standing and positioning your feet wide and arms extended. Stretch your left hand above your head and to your right, you may bend down and touch your knee, while gaze your left hand up. Switch sides and do the same to another side.

Benefit: This pose massages internal organs and regulates the digestive system.

3- Modified forward bend-

yoga prenatal

Modified forward bend  is done by considering a chair for support.  Begin by standing and facing towards a chair. Press your palms such that you hold it on the chair. Bend your hips and keep your back straight and hold for a count of 30. Get back to standing position.

Benefit: This pose stretches your legs and the back.

3- Seated twist-

Seated twist

Seated twist  is a pose done while you are sitting. You can do this by sitting keeping your legs stretched, bend your right knee and position your right foot on the left knee. Keep your left elbow and arm over the right knee. Position your right hand on the floor behind you for support and twist your torso towards your right, while you turn your head towards the back. Get to starting position and do it to the other side.

Benefit: This pose is good for your spine.

4- Butterfly pose-

Butterfly pose is a simple pose. Begin by sitting on a mat with outstretched legs. Bend your knees and as much as possible bring your feet close. See that your feet soles are together. Your spine should be straight and now move your legs up and down slowly imitating the butterfly wings flapping movement, but keep your spine straight.

Benefit: This pose increases the hip joints mobility and stretches your inner thigh.

Caution:  Yoga prenatal poses practiced are the best, but while performing these poses, ensure the place is calm and quiet. Wear comfortable and simple cotton clothes. Set a fixed time and practice.


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