Today I am going to tell you how to do Vrksasana or tree pose. Read and follow it properly, consider the cautions too before doing.

Vrksasana or tree pose


What does Vrksasana mean?

Vrksasana is also known as tree pose and yoga pose tree.

Vrksa means tree and asana means pose.

 Vrksasana or tree  pose steps to be followed properly-

  • First, you have to stand in Tadasana.  If you feel uncomfortable standing then you can stand against a wall.
  • Now shift your some weight on the left foot, bend your right leg at the knee and put the right heel at the left thigh, you have to place your heel at the root of the thigh.
  • Rest the foot on the left thigh and keep  toes pointing downwards.
  •  Now you have to balance on the left leg and then  join the palms and raise up the arms straight over the head.
  • You have to stay in this post  for a few seconds  breathing deeply. Then lower your  arms and disconnect the palms.
  • Now straighten your right leg and again come back to the Tadasana.
  • Repeat the pose.  Stand on the right leg and  place the left heel at the root of the right thigh.  You have to stay for the same  time on both sides.
  • lastly come back to Tadasana pose and relax.

You learnt how to do Vrksasana or tree  pose, now check out the health benefits you are going to get it-

  • It will improve the balance in the legs.
  • It will make your tendon  and ligaments of the feet stronger.
  • Your leg will be toned up and stronger.
  • The bones of your legs and hips will become stronger because of the nature of the  weight bearing of the vrksasana pose.
  • You will build up your self-confidence.
  • It Strengthens  ankles and  calves.
  • It gives  relief  in  sciatica pain and also reduces flat feet.


Don’t do tree pose if you have a headache, low BP, insomnia or if you are feeling dizzy. If you are high BP patient then don’t raise your arms over your head in tree pose.  Always do as much as you can do easily, I mean do up to your limits. Consult your doctor if have any medical concern.

I hope you will do yoga tree pose and root its benefits.



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