Yoga in Summer: Do you know about Yoga to feel cold in summer? Summer is the time welcomed by kids as it is vacation and they can have a great time. This is also the time that enjoys longest daylight hours with the sun shining bright and heating everyone. With the change of season, one goes and the other enters, but it also includes a set of changes. With summer getting higher, one becomes more agitated and competitive. In summer, practicing yoga helps as it is calming, cooling and also quieting the mind. As yoga deals with pitta balancing, the heat temperatures can be waded off. However, avoid heated rooms that aggravate the temperature. Here are ways in yoga to feel cold and to get rid of killing hot summer.

Summer Yoga

Yoga In Summer List –


Sitali Breath


Sitali refers to cooling and this yoga has a cooling effect on breath. Use your tongue and inhale moisture; you will notice your whole body gets an inner breeze. Breathe in and out, ensure you sit with a tall spine in a comfortable position and pay attention to your nose tip. Put your tongue out, roll at the outer edges such that you inhale for a longer time. Now exhale from the nose, close your lips and try for 10 rounds at least.

Sun Salutation

Yoga to feel cold

Sun salutation  yoga poses of sun breath calms the mind and stops creating much sweat. Position your prayer pose and reach hands overhead, bring down reaching the hips folding over your legs. Lengthen your spine, inhale halfway. Fold back and exhale. Inhale, stand and reach your hands up in the prayer position. Do it 5 times.


Yoga to feel cold

Anjaneyasana works lengthening your muscles and doing this pose is helpful. Position in the downward dog poses such that position your right foot, place left knee down on the mat. Position your hands up to the sky or to your right knee. Keep shoulders back and relax your jaw and forehead. Stay for full 5 breaths. Bring hands down to your right foot, position the left and get to down dog pose. Repeat the same on the left foot.

Tree Pose

Yoga to feel coldStand straight, lift your left knee, place your left foot on right calf, grab left ankle and position on your right thigh. Position your hands at the heart center. Lift with your head crown by rooting your right foot and count 5 breaths, now do the same for the other side. This pose strengthens your body and cools off your mind.

Baddha Konasana

Yoga to feel cold

Much heat causes body stress. It relieves tension, releases inner and upper thighs. Take seated pose, bed knees and see the feet soles are together. Place your hands around the feet. Extend your heart, hinge forwards toward your toes, round the spine until the fold is right and count for 10 to 15 breaths.

Simhasana or Lion Pose


Yoga to feel cold

This pose reduces tension from the body and mind while it relaxes each muscle in your face. Rest on your heels as a seat or sit cross-legged. Position your hands on the thighs. Inhale through nose and exhale from mouth, give a ‘ha’ sound and it offers relief. Also, put your tongue out as much as possible hanging down, inhale and get the tongue back, softly close your lips. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.

Savasana or Corpse Pose

Yoga to feel coldRejuvenate your brain and body with extra rest and savasana is the best to relax. Make it extra special by placing a cool cloth on your head. Stay and relax.

Caution to be considered before Beginning Yoga to feel cold in summer

People with back problems and high blood pressure should avoid these postures. A simple alternative is to pile up some pillows and to rest your feet.

Do yoga in summer and feel cold……


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