We all need to learn to be focused  and you know there is one thing that can help, its  yoga mainly Raja yoga or you can say royal yoga.

Raja yoga does this give you a feeling of being royal. Yes, the term ‘Raja yoga’ is referred to as the ‘Royal yoga’.  This is the reason as a royal rule this yoga includes all the yoga asanas and the philosophy relates to many yoga styles of today. It emphasizes the meditation benefits to aim at the evolution of consciousness and spiritual self-realization.

Raja yoga

Raja yoga representation

Raja yoga represents authentic nature. The aim was to emphasize this science that is a path to enhance life and is an art enriching and strengthening the spiritual focus. Now, do not worry about who should do and who must not perform Raja yoga. Do not worry; you need not seek any permission from the Kings, the mighty conquerors.

Who uses Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is not confined by rules and so anyone can practice this yoga and also benefit from it. It deals with meditation to a great extent. Of course, it is Raja yoga; the Royal yoga and so do not expect some jumping around performances. It deals with incorporating meditation as a part of the daily life and some perform Brahma Kumaris annually to establish a connection with inner mind and to give meaning to their lives, while some for spiritual practice.  Proving its name, Raja Yoga enriches the lives of people doing it. In fact, people doing Raja Yoga meditation are people:

  • Having gained and accomplished a lot in their lives and are now wondering if is that all
  • Have wish to use energy and to ensure peace to the universe, thereby share the well-being sense and contentment of identifying their souls in such a vast world
  • Have wish kindled to deepen understanding and to realize the connection with the Divine
  • Have difficulty in seeking extra power
  • Have spent time finding spiritual solutions and are now trying to find different things that are found nowhere else

Importance of raja yoga meditation technique

Raja yoga meditation technique is very important. It is regarded to be a journey of self-discovery. Meditation is done to ensure silence and for quiet reflection. It is done far away from the busy and noisy places. Taking some time out helps to come back to a centered place. With our modern pace of faster living, there is hardly any touch to consider the inner power or peace. It has reached to the extent that the youngsters crack jokes or even mock about inner power, light or peace. 

The fact cannot be denied that we are not having the root feel, we are pushed and hauled in different directions. We also respond to each haul and push that we have got trapped into the stress web. Over time, we feel it leads to disease and illness, when our physical health, mental and emotional health is out of balance.

Raja Yoga meditation is a meditation form that is accessible to all backgrounds people. It is a meditation that does not have any rituals or mantras to be practiced. Another distinct point is that the Raja Yoga meditation is practiced keeping ‘open eyes’, and this makes the  meditation easy to practice and is prominent for being versatile. Meditation is a state that takes anyone beyond consciousness. The spiritual empowerment begins in this place and thus spiritual awareness offers the required power to choose positive thoughts over wasteful and negative thoughts. Practicing meditation, we start responding to situations than reacting to them. Thus we live with harmony, create a happier and better place, ascertain healthier relationships and in a most positive way, lives are changed.

Raja Yoga is known as the Yoga of the Mind or Mental Yoga, owing to its emphasis on the state of mind of a person. This practice and concentration teaches a person to calm his mind and to stay focused. Moreover, at this point our attention is directed inwardly and that moment is Divine. Achieve the Raja Yoga eight fold path and it includes:

  • Pranayama: control of vital energy through breath work
  • Yamas, Satya, Ahimsa, Apragraha, asetya, brahmacharya
  • Asana that is a seat or a steady pose
  • Niyamas, tapas, santosha, susha, ishvara pranidhana, svadhaya
  • Dhyana refers to meditation
  • Dharana is mind concentration
  • Pratyahara, withdrawal of senses
  • Samadhi union with Divine, the path od Enlightenment
Asana refers to the Physical Exercises and the Pranayama are the Breath Exercises

This is done aiming to control body and breath. Raja yoga is done to bring mind into control and it results in stimulating inner powers and giving spiritual path guidance.

Pratyahara – Withdrawal of Senses

Yogis are able to direct their senses and mind at their own desire and will, they can direct it inward or outward. A controlled Pratyahara has liberty and independence from the external conditions. One can withdraw immediately the senses from external objects and if desired, use consciously the senses with full awareness.

In the meditation first stages practicing Pratyahara is done keeping the eyes closed, body motionless, mind quiet and the attention inward directed. There are special techniques to practice Pratyahara. One exercise initially while doing meditation directs your attention to external sounds, their nature, distance, etc. Gradually the awareness gets withdrawn to “inner space” sounds inside the body (heartbeat, blood circulation, etc.). Only when a person masters the Prathyara one may progress to concentration.

Dharana – Concentration

Dharana is about focusing feelings and thoughts, absolutely concentrating on one object. We can succeed with it for a short time only normally, this is because other thoughts keep distracting us. Thus the realization comes that there is lack of concentration within few minutes that we try to concentrate. Unless one is not capable of concentrating on an object or thought for a particular length of time, it is not possible to accept that Dharana is mastered.

Dhyana – Meditation

The techniques of meditation are preliminary exercises. One cannot start meditating, just as it is difficult to acquire lessons to sleep. It happens when your body is quiet and relaxed. Meditation can be done if your mind is quiet. There should be no imagination as it emerges from the intellect. There is no doubt that our brains are 10 times powerful to a computer that has the best storage capacity. Yet, human brain reproduces that it can. However, with meditation, you can feel the purity and the intellect is still while doing meditation to the extent that the ego ceases, while the Divine light shines inside the heart.

Samadhi – Complete Realization

Samadhi is the way there is unity. Here the person practicing and the God becomes one. It reveals the Divine consciousness. People attaining Samadhi are people who have no fear and wish to hear a heavenly sound, there is radiant light and one can feel within an infinite vastness. With the attainment of Samadhi, a person is free flowing like a river that mixes into the sea and covers a long distance. It is a union of cosmic and individual soul and so attaining Samadhi is the main goal of yoga.

Experience Raja Yoga

 To experience Raja Yoga, you have to be a happy soul truly. You must imagine each reaction coming to mind. With Raja Yoga meditation throw away old methods of creating influence and re-establish yourself as you want to be. This is the power of Raja Yoga. Consider your negative traits and avoid speaking about it whatever it is, guilt, low regard, sabotage, etc.

People may baulk about being in control, but it is not that simple to get into control of self. Practice is a must and you must be responsible if you wish to attain peace. You may have parents, siblings and family, yet you are an independent soul and you can choose to live as you wish.

 Raja yoga can be practiced by anybody and this is a powerful yoga that includes meditation. It refers to practicing harnessing your natural powers and it trains your mind. You have a body and a mind, these are the tools that work well sometimes and it may calm others to have a healthy track.

We must remember to not waste our energy, words and time. It deeply matters and so holding our views is a must so that your mind slowly releases all the worries and you are able to love. The soul is unable to breathe new energy. However, when we sit calmly, cut all the ideas, clear your mind and allow yourselves to know the peace of the soul so that you know miraculous changes can happen. People should understand their concise and make good friends this will open new door and relax your mind.

Raja Yoga teaches to observe life, breath calm, cool reactions and step forward independent of others thinking or acting as they wish. This yoga is powerful enough to set you free and it also has the power to make you respond with love. This can be practiced in the mornings, to have a better effect.