Power yoga poses relates to vinyasa practice based on fitness. The term Power yoga emerged in the mid of 1990s as America yoga teachers were trying to teach yoga to students in an accessible manner.  This yoga also has many benefits and qualities, including increased stamina, building internal heat, flexibility and strength, besides stress reduction.

power yoga poses

Power Yoga Poses Flexibility

Power yoga poses was originally developed by Beryl Bender Birch. In this type of yoga poses teachers design their own style of sequences and the students synchronize the movement and their breath. But, now there are many vinyasa vigorous styles practiced.

Power yoga poses includes stimulating styles and is an impressive yoga form. The power yoga core refers to vigorous workout that makes people to sweat and also build muscles. This yoga form is not for mild, calm or moderate students. It is also not suitable for people loving workouts that are fast-paced. Thus, power vinyasa yoga practitioners may initially learn it from a qualified teacher and not attempting any self practice.

Power Yoga Poses for Sports Fans

Power yoga is popular among sports enthusiasts as it is a powerful aerobic regimen and is forceful. In power yoga, stopping between the poses is allowed and thus the practice is a smooth flow. Thus, it is well known among sports fans that equally enjoy strenuous workouts and know to balance their various muscle groups. Power yoga poses are free flowing and intense, while the traditional exercises deal with meditation and stretching. Power yoga practices vary and appeal to people who enjoy exercising and are physically fit. Thus, power yoga poses make its related workouts really challenging that it puts physical, mental and emotional abilities to test.

Benefit of Power Yoga Poses

Practicing power yoga poses implies strengthening the body and willpower of a person. Power yoga workouts help in improving the muscle mass, burn calories, reduce fat and in increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate.  Power yoga is done to lose weight and is recommended to be done as workout for 45 minutes each time and thrice a week. Power yoga workouts fortify mental outlook and increases basal metabolic rate. The power yoga poses flushes out toxins through sweat from your body and heals problems such as acidity and hypertension. These yoga postures make your body really flexible and improve concentration.

Power Yoga Poses

1. Wind-Releasing Pose:

This pose helps losing weight from the stomach and abdominal region. It is also referred to as Pawammuktasana.

  • Begin by lying down on your back on the floor.
  • Lift in upward direction your right leg at 90 degree angle
  • Fold from your knee your right leg and place it on your stomach.
  • Press your leg against your stomach firmly. Hold and press it with your hands
  • Release, repeat it with left leg or even practice it with both legs at one time.

Power yoga poses  2. Cobra Pose:

This pose is a fascinating workout to tone your abs and firm the buttocks.

  • Begin by lying on your belly on the floor.
  • Place your palm on the floor near your chest.
  • Lift your body off the floor.
  • Bend backwards as much as possible and look upwards.
  • Stay steady and release after some time.

 power yoga poses

3. Bow Pose:

This is referred to also as Dhanurasana. This yoga pose is good to lose fat from legs and arms.

  • Begin by lying on your stomach on the floor
  • Bend your legs and lift your legs.
  • Use your hands to hold your legs, arch your back
  • Stay steady for few minutes and release and get relaxed.

 Power yoga poses

4. Side Stretch Pose:

This yoga pose burns calories, increases heart rate and helps in reducing fat.

  • Begin by standing in a straight pose on the floor
  • Place your hands near your body as usual, palms down
  • Stretch your hands upwards, bend to your right
  • Keep the right hand stretching to the right over your head
  • Repeat the same with the left side and relax.

 power yoga poses

Caution: Power yoga poses are full of benefits, but pregnant women must consult their doctor before joining any class or have any plans to join classes. All the performers do not over exert during these poses. Go slow and steadily


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