Yoga for men reveals that there is no rule that women alone wish to have a toned body. Men, dedicate some real time. Even your Y-chromosome carriers are sure to offer huge rewards on a yoga mat and keep your body moving. Men, in fact, benefit more than women on performing yoga postures.  If you fear the twisting or propping up in a backbend and consider it as intimidating, actually it is not. It is your fear and anxiety that worsens the situation. There is much yoga workout for men poses that help building the body.

Women exceeded men in numbers in performing yoga, but now with times changing, men are growing in huge numbers and are making way to the mat. Even men, who were intimated slightly, now have started considering yoga poses that are comfortable.

Mastering  and benifits of yoga for men

Mastering yoga poses stretch and strengthens your muscles and prevent workout.

Standing Forward Fold:


Yoga for men


This pose is suitable for non-bendy men. This is an appealing yoga pose that can be modified easily. Open the back of your legs, back and the hips. Try to bend to touch the floor. Begin by touching your hands on the thighs, ankles or even shorten the distance. However, it helps stretching muscles, eases headaches, reduces blood pressure, helps sleeping better and improves circulation. Allow gravity to do its job and relax your neck and head, thus reduce the upper body tension.

Downward Facing Dog:


Yoga for men


This pose is appropriate for men to bring attention to the tight areas that are usually challenging. This pose includes the calves, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, hips and back. Downward facing dog is a pose that stretches your body, besides the legs and arms. This pose is good for your heart. It reduces stress, improves circulation and reduces high blood pressure.

Upward Facing Dog:


Yoga for men


This pose relates to dog that helps in strengthening your back and opening chest. This posture helps people sitting hours behind a desk or wheel as it opens the hip flexors and the abdomen.  This yoga pose also stretches the muscles and the flow of blood is good.

Yoga exercise for men –  Bird poses

Butterfly Pose:


yoga for men


This pose draws attention to the root lock known as the mula bandha. It brings more energy and awareness to the area enveloping the hips. It increases the blood flow to the kidneys, pelvis, bladder and prostrate.

Half Pigeon:


yoga for men

The half pigeon pose is a good yoga workout for men.  This is a challenging posture, but helps in easing your hips to open more. This is a powerful way of opening the hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors and abductors. Half pigeon helps in taking part in carrying heavy objects or even in taking part in other physical activities. This pose releases tension from your hips that your lower back areas are sure to benefit.

Object poses

 Chair Pose:


yoga for men


This pose is sure to bring tears to even a macho-man. The chair poses works on the ankles, quads, shoulders and butt. It opens the chest, helps developing stability, stimulates abdominal organs and improves flat feet.

Yoga for men – Boat Pose:


yoga for men


This is an amazing strengthening posture. An appropriate yoga asanas for men, wishing to have rock hard abs. it strengthens the hips spine and flexors. This is a beneficial posture to men as it stimulates the prostate gland, thereby reduces tension. If you are a person who loves eating, enjoy the boat pose as it stimulates the digestive system.

Bridge Pose:

yoga for men

Bridge pose helps the release of tight muscles, if any and opens your upper body. Thus, it helps in easy physical movements and activities. Practicing this pose creates space in the chest and ensures fuller breathing.

Warrior Pose:


yoga for men

This is an iconic posture that allows men to stretch their hips and shoulders. It opens all the tight areas and also strengthens the posture.  The thighs of the muscle gets build and there is more stability around the knees offering protection to sensitive joints. You may do this pose and hold for 10-15 breaths.


Yoga excercise for men includes many poses, but one must understand about the posture and ensure moving freely. Practicing or performing these poses in the early morning helps and serves the right purpose.

Be ready to get benefits of yoga workcount for men.

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