Are you feeling depressed or suddenly left alone? The reasons may be many or nothing; it may be the hormones working on you, bringing lots of mood changes. It also can be a tough time that is working on your health and you are fighting some surgery or ailment.

Let me share some experience that has been a big source of healing potential.  There is always a known fact that emotional turmoil leads to anxiety, sadness, annoyance and lots more. The first time Kundalini yoga poses were found to be really of immense use when I saw a person fighting from breast cancer surgery. The fact is not hidden that this is a trying time for the sufferer. Different emotions go driving insane, there is a loss of something and the anger pent up. Kundalini yoga poses presents a blend of physical and spiritual practices. It incorporates dynamic breathing technique, movement, meditation and mantras chanting. The aim is to increase consciousness and to build physical vitality.

Within every living body, there is a ball of energy at the spine base. This life energy animates everything and so once it gets activated everything inside us looks appealing. This refers to kundalini yoga poses to activate this energy through chakras and it goes a long way towards enlightenment.Kundalini yoga is healing bringing out the emotions that are deeply rooted in your body tissue and heart. Even without enlightenment, it clears your space within the body that light can enter. The yoga poses can be learned from the DVDs available or with good teachers and friends.

The truth is that Kundalini yoga poses is not specific to anyone, so is kundalini workout for me is a common doubt? Of course, it is.

Initially considering Kundalini yoga may seem weird as the teachers are in white outfits and the kriyas seem unconventional. Yes, it is different, but Kundalini does not refer to some sect or religious group that you have to drink down something with bitterness. In fact, kundalini relates to being deeply spiritual and you can wear black outfits or even any other color of your choice.  Forget about the color choices, one thing is certain that there is a deeper connection with the divine and people with emotions are sure to find it healing taking you deep. Kundalini yoga has effective tools, but yes, it is not the same as Hatha or Vinyasa class.

How kundalini yoga poses different from Hatha or Vinyasa yoga

Hatha and Vinyasa bring the mind into the physical body, while Kundalini brings the focus of the mind to the spiritual body. Hatha and Vinyasa are spiritual yoga practices, but Kundalini yoga poses are more powerful.

For instance, in  Kundalini classes, you can sit down to meditate in between exercises for a moment. You will literally feel your body cells buzzing with energy. Such exercise sets are known as Kriyas and is very helpful when you are under the burden of emotion or stress. It wrings the emotions and releases them out. This is apparent and you can practice even after surgery. These exercises give a light and free feeling. Initially, while performing with the DVD it may appear ridiculous. Yet with reluctance also performing the Kundalini yoga poses for few weeks also starts healing the emotional scars and offers relief from serious cancer pains as well.

Kundalini does not include physical tasks such as sun salutations or warrior poses. Instead even merely sitting keeps stretched arms parallel to the ground, repeating a mantra, breathing and twisting is enough. Now you may find this simple, it is truly very simple and you will notice immediately energy moving through your body.

Practicing a Kriya for a particular time period

Kriyas involve performing the same exercises set every day for a time period, say around 4 to 6 weeks. Practicing the same for few weeks creates it into a habit. You may consider this super cleanse program and find the path to life appears clear and there is a purpose in everything you do is realized.

Kundalini yoga includes meditation that offers few things to help one move from being sensational:

♦   Dissolves negative energy and resolves the heaviness from your heart.

♦     Heals painful experiences

♦   Allows emotions to pass away and not defeat you.

Basic Kundalini Yoga poses

 The Kundalini Yoga poses is done in sets and Kriyas. The effect is determined by its set placement in relationship to the breath, mantra and another set of exercises, mudras and locks employed.The purpose of the kriyas and sets is to help doing commonly used Kundalini Yoga postures.The postures in kriyas appear different with each variation. You need not interchange a posture for another, as there are no substitute postures in the kriyas of Kundalini Yoga poses.

Follow the instructions as a general practice.

♦  Check your neck is in appropriate alignment with the posture. Sit erect and apply the neck lock and hold unless next instruction.

♦   Before ending an exercise, deeply inhale and hold briefly and then exhale deeply and hold it briefly.

The common meditation asanas include:

♦  Easy Pose: Cross your legs at the ankles and sit on the floor, keeping the lower spine pressing so that your back is straight.

♦  Perfect Pose: Place left heel on the right heel top and press above genitals such that your toes are between the thigh and right calf. Knees should be direct with heels on the ground above the other, it triggers psychic power.

♦  Lotus pose: Raise your left foot and position it on your right upper thigh. Place right foot close to the body near the left thigh. This is an easier pose that is locked in and simpler to do than it appears and promotes deep meditation. Ensure on the top is the right leg.

♦   Rock Pose: Sit on heels pressing the buttocks center nerves. It helps the digestive system that even rock can be digested.

♦  Hero Pose: Keep fit apart in width, slowly sit between the feet like kneel down. This pose increases sexual energy. If you are using a chair, ensure your feet are flat and are on the ground. Keep your spine straight.

Yogic Breathing techniques to practice:

 Long deep breathing is the regular breathing done per minute for 12-15 breaths. This breath slows down to 6-8 breaths every minute. This allows the ribs, chest, and abdomen to calm, besides soothes nerves and calms mind.

Partitioned breath is in sections such that each section offers a different effect. Some ratios help to break the breath equally. It should be such as 4 times inhale and exhale 4 strokes.

Breath of fire is a rapid round of breaths may be 2-3 per second and this is done without any pause of exhale and inhale. The abdominal gets drawn on exhaling and on inhaling there is relaxation. However, the chest is still, it strengthens the nervous system and energizes body keeping the mind in focus.

  Kriya – 

This refers to a yoga set that is practiced in the form of postures or exercises. These are regular sets to be performed and may be for anything such as liver, nerves or even the release of spine anger. This is an absolute yogic posture that ensures a complete action as it involves, breath, hand position, and mantra, besides the posture.

 ♦  Relaxation

All the kriya effects are cumulative. It allows the energies to release in the body and to maintain balance. This is similar to corpse pose, so keep eyes closed, lie on your back and keep palms uncrossed. Cover with a shawl or blanket. This is important. It is time to re-balance the glandular system nerves so that the spine is realigned. Perform this on a large towel or blanket covering yourself during relaxation. Ensure there are no distractions.

♦  Meditation

Kundalini yoga poses include medication that has specific mudras, focal points, breath techniques, postures or chanting to ensure desired effects such as calm mind, strong nervous system, mental stamina, a calm heart, a happy attitude, ability to not react and to act properly and to ensure a spiritual connection.

Focus points

♦  The third eye should be closed such that it is between brows rolled up

♦  Stimulates pituitary gland and the intuition activates

♦  Eyes gaze to be positioned at the nose tip, lock the mind and create energy through meditation

♦  Keep crown eyes closed it helps in raising consciousness.

Practice time for the kundalini yoga poses helps:

♦  Circulation is effected on practicing 3 minutes

♦  The nerves and pituitary change with 11 minutes practice

♦  Your magnetic field, your mind, internal elements and the pranic energy changes with 31 minutes practice

♦  Change of habit is a routine with 40 days

♦ Notice the effects of absolute change in 90 or 120 days time that will not miss others eyes as well.


Kundalini exercises poses include exercises triggering sadness or heavy anger may be initially, but with regular practice, you will see the benefits.

You can check kundalini yoga online.


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