Here the pranayama series continues and reaches to Bhramari pranayama.

Bhramari pranayama is for calming your mind. Among all, it is taken as the best breathing yoga asana to release anxiety, agitation and frustration. By doing this you can throw away your anger. You can practice this simple asana anywhere. You can do it at your home or at the office. You can take it as asana for instant stress reliefThis yoga breathing is named after the black Indian bee called Bhramari. The breath out in this pranayama reminds the humming sound of a bee.


 bhramari pranayama

Bhramari pranayama steps


♦ Sit comfortably on padmasana or any other yoga asana.

♦ Now slowly close your eyes and take a deep breath.

♦  Close your flaps or ear lids with thumbs.

♦  Now take your index finger above eyebrows and the remaining fingers over the eyes with your middle finger.

♦  Put slight pressure on both the sides of your nose.

♦ Now you have to concentrate on the middle portion between your eyebrows.

♦ Close our mouth and exhale slowly through the nose with humming sound of OM.

♦ Just repeat this method four to five times.

♦ It is important that while doing you have to feel connected to the positive energy of the universe.


Bhramari Pranayama Benefits 


♦   You will get instant relief from anger, tension, and nervousness.

♦   It is very helpful for the person who has hypertension or high BP problem. This yoga will calm their mind.

♦   It gives relief from a slight headache or if you are feeling hot.

♦   It helps to improve memory and concentration.

♦   It reduces blood pressure.

♦   You can feel confidence in yourself.

♦   Brambri helps in treating migraine and paralysis.

♦   Any age group can do this yoga even pregnant woman can do. This yoga maintains the function of the Endocrine system and help in easy childbirth.

♦  It is helpful for Alzheimer patient.

♦  This yoga is helpful in awakening kundalini.


Bhramari pranayama precautions


♦   Do brahmri after doing anlom vilom.

♦  Don’t press too hard ear cartilage, do it with ease.

♦  Do all yoga in the early morning and with an empty stomach.

♦ If you don’t have time in the morning do it in evening but remember to keep some hours difference between pranayama and food.

♦  In beginning do yoga under the yoga instructor.

♦  Keep your mouth shut while doing humming sound.

So now do me a favor. After doing this pranayama breathing when you get all benefits do share it with me and my readers.