Namaste Yoga, Offers Deep Insight and Ensures Heart to Heart Connection

namaste yoga

Namaste yoga represents the gesture Namaste. This is a belief of having a Divine spark in the heart chakra and with this gesture of Namaste it receives acknowledgment from one soul to another soul.

‘Nama’ means ‘bow’, ‘as’ refers to ‘I’ and ‘te’ refers to ‘you’. To be precise, Namaste means I bow to you. Namaste is a Hindi and also a Nepali word. This is a salutation same as saying hello in the foreign countries. Namaste is a word in Sanskrit. This is a gesture said with typically folding hands together and is held close to the heart such that the head is in a bowed position. Studying Sanskrit deeply gives you to understand many meanings.

Importance of Namaste yoga

Namaste yoga is important for the student and the teacher. This is because it permits two individuals to energetically come together and to have a connection free from ego-connection bonds. This yoga is done with deep feeling and it gives a feel of  deep union of spirits and the surrender of mind.

Namaste ideally is done at the beginning and end of a class. The Namaste done at the class end is less active reflecting the mind, but the energy in the room is peaceful. Namaste is initiated by the teacher and as a gratitude symbol or as a respect towards students having to their teachers and when the teachers return the Namaste gesture it gives the students and inviting feel connecting their lineage and allows a true flow from the heart.

What does namaste mean in  yoga?

Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting and the accompanying hand gesture is new to a yogic newbie. Though it relates spiritually, this term is very important in the Namaste yoga practice. Finishing the class with the same gesture and word implies you take philosophies behind the ritual and yoga. Namaste yoga offers direct translation such that it means I Bow to You.


namaste yoga

Namaste Yoga in Yoga Philosophy

Namaste yoga in yoga philosophy means a lot more than mere ‘I bow to you’.  actually, it acts as a mutual respect and is related to divinity that allows recognizing the divinity in others. The hand gesture is about giving kudos to your instructor and other students.

Namaste Technique

 The namaste hand gesture has a specific meaning. Placing your hands together in a prayer gesture, you touch the center of the breastbone that is the heart chakra. With this it is expected to bow the head and close your eyes, while saying “namaste.” This gesture increases the flow of Divine love and also gives the acceptance of surrendering to the Divine in the heart.

Most instructors use this gesture and say Namaste at the end of class. Namaste is used as a catalyst in meditation namaste or even to signal the class end and mutual gratitude between the student and the teacher. Participating in the ritual allows you to let your instructor know you are thankful and grateful for the practice given and this is confirmed as you leave class saying Namaste.

Namaste Yoga is always identified with Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, but there are several definitions. There is a connection of Hatha and Vinyasa terms to Namaste yoga.


Every yoga term has multiple meanings. The word Hatha is also in different ways: meaning “force” or “willfulness”. It also is a combination of two words namely sun is ha and moon tha, reflecting the yoga concept bringing balances and harmony the different parts of your body.

Hatha Yoga includes the physical postures practice such as the mountain pose and downward dog pose. Nevertheless, in each yoga style there is Hatha Yoga!

Yoga refers to gentler classes focusing learning basic postures.  Namaste Yoga as Hatha is appropriate to all levels and helps in focusing and learning individual poses.


Vinyasa describes Namaste Yoga’s unique style.  Vinyasa has several meanings such as connection, breath synchronizing movement or systematic arrangement or progression. vinyasa also refers to downward and upward facing dog pose.Vinyasa is in every exhale and inhale physical movements that connects body, mind and creates moving meditation form.

Caution: Yoga by itself is an art of science that is deeply enriching and Namaste yoga is a finely crafted teaching program. Give enough time and find a good teacher.



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