Yoga instructor training is given high importance nowadays as people are aware of the accelerated changes taking place. It is not more a hidden fact that the past jewels are sure to help us on having a practical approach that is most importantly suitable to the contemporary lifestyle and offers a non-dogmatic approach. Thus yoga instills the value of essential principles and truths of life and its value.

Yoga instructor training

Yoga is highly effective and includes a series of physical exercises. It evolves science and the art of living. It denotes the science that involves specific practices and techniques. Yoga is an art and is expected to be applied sensitively and creatively. The art of Yoga includes value of life and asserts the significance of bringing a deeper understanding of spirit, mind and body. Yoga aims to offer an exciting adventure of learning and living, thus with yoga instructor training, you can expand your potential areas in life.

Meeting challenges in life allows one to unearth the sacredness of life, thus having an evolutionary awareness is essential. There is a genuine need for transformation and with proper yoga instructor training, you can have an alert mind, see clearly, awaken to compassion, love and recognize intelligence. Thus learning you has become more important than ever.


yoga instructor training

Need to take yoga instructor training

The need to take yoga instructor training is high when you wish to study in depth and participate. Learning the art of yoga is an invaluable treasure. Conversely, a yoga instructor training must be received thoroughly from a professional. This is a must.

One question at this point is that are you sure you want to go on this path of taking yoga instructor training. This is certainly a wonderful goal, but it demands investing on expensive programs. Besides, you must also consider few crucial things.

♦    Yoga relates to asanas more: Devoting to asana practice is a must for anyone considering yoga instructor training, but in this venture you cannot afford to neglect the holistic view that yoga encompasses. There are eight yoga limbs and they are:

 — Asanas: Body postures

  Dhyana: Meditation on the divine, devotion

Dharana- Developing inner awareness and concentration

Niyama- Personal observances

Pranayama- Control of prana and breathing exercises

Pratyahara- Senses control

Samadhi- Union with Divine

Yama- Universal morality

♦   Shed light: Yoga instructor training implies living the yoga practices and as a training applying the eight yoga limbs in your life is a must before you instruct others. You must not be seen anywhere pulling comments on the street or in a fast food joint. It is about balance and nothing to deal with perfection. Maintaining yourself as a trainer will shed light on your students. You will be their mirror, so ensure you teach others good habits and so the responsibility is yours to put the best forward.

♦   Empower your education: Yoga is in different types and it deals with Bhakti to Kundalini. You can try different styles so that your money is not wasted on training that is not your type. There are demanding schools offering the best, but you must choose a training referring the reading list by checking the books, investigating guest teachers and also knowing about the certification requirements. A you know you lifestyle the best, suit that is the best for you.

♦  Right Teacher: Yoga instructor training acquired from a right teacher is more important. The teacher must resonate with you. Comprehend what is offered to you and in a flow of enthusiasm to get certification of yoga, do not end acquiring lessons from a creepy yoga cult or some loony teacher. There is a lot of teacher training focusing money alone. So take enough time, follow your heart and find the right teacher.

Pay attention to your finances while acquiring yoga teacher training. Consider your style as it helps in living with ease and perfection you destiny. Set yourself apart with something special, consider the best qualities of your instructor that you liked the most and reproduce the same.

Caution:  Tapping your creative consciousness is a must to bring forth your teaching style. Ensure to have fun while offering yoga instructor training. It is a rewarding journey.