Yoga for Great Abs

Interested in making perfect abs like SALMAN KHAN, AMIR KHAN, RYAN RENOLDS, PAWL WALKER any many more celebs?

If yes get ready to start it right now.

What to start right know? Thinking…………..

I am not talking about gym, I am talking about yoga. You heard it right yoga. Yoga can not only heal your various health problems like knee problem, high blood pressure, piece of mind, flat tummy and many more but also it helps to make  perfect abs.

Yoga is found to be extremely useful for Abs. It helps you trim belly fat, tighten torso and create six or eight abs that are eye-popping. Isn’t it.

Get ready,  wear yoga pants, if you don’t have order now  Urban Yoga Men’s Track Pants and start doing following asanas-

Here the list of yoga poses for abs begins-

Supta Padangustasana: Reclining big toe hole- Warm up



♦  Lie on your back flat, keep legs extended, arms at your sides and palms facing down.

♦ Fold your left leg touching your chest and pull the shin using both hands.

♦ Hold your left big toe with your left hand thumb and fore finger and extend the leg as much as possible, keeping hips and shoulders on the floor.

♦ Wrap your hand outside the left foot, extend your left leg thus shift your hips as well.

♦  Keep shoulders on the floor.

♦ Turn your head while your reach the leg and look above your shoulder, count up to 5 to 7 breaths.

♦  Lower back to the floor, lift your leg and repeat the same on the opposite side.

Yoga stimulates your physiological systems linked to the circulatory, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. All these are the immune system and so poses affecting even one of these systems helps in the immune function.

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Down dog vinyasa

Down dog vinyasa

This yoga pose helps in targeting the circulatory system. In fact it is an amazing all-around warm-up.  This yoga pose allows strengthening and stretching most of the major muscle groups, thus it promotes white blood cells move and circulation fighting invaders through the body.


♦  Begin by lying down such that your fingers are spread out wide creating a firm base.

♦ For the dog pose, lift hips up as a downward facing dog and take long breaths.

♦  Lower your hips and return to plank pose keeping the body parallel.

♦  Lower your hips and bring your chest through upper arms, if comfortable or take the cobra pose. In up dog or cobra keep your back long and stretch gentling lifting your chest, but do not lock your elbows. Gently stretching forward your chin and maintaining the line with your spine does not pinch your neck. Take long breath.

♦  Move back into a down dog pose inhale smoothly, curl your toes, press palms on the floor, raise your back and hips up and also lift your knees from the floor. Keep your knees straight.

♦ Exhale slowly and return to plank pose. Now inhale to do the up dog pose

♦ Once again exhale and inhale to do the down dog pose. Repeat five to eight times this sequence.

Bow pose (dhanurasana)

Yoga for abs

Bow pose is an excellent yoga for great abs. this is because it puts real pressure on the belly. It makes the digestive system healthier and stronger by increasing the blood flow into the abdominal organs.  The digestive system is filled with lymphocytes, while the white blood cells combat invaders; thereby strengthening it promotes your overall health and immunity.


♦ Begin your bow pose by lying down on the belly, position your arms alongside.

♦ Tuck your chin to your chest and lengthen your neck.

♦ Rest your forehead on the mat, if comfortable.

♦ Bend your knees; reach your ankles or feet. Slowly lift your head from the floor, such that you raise your chest and chin.

♦ Gently lift your knees from the floor, but press your feet into your hands.

♦ The chest and knees are in the same height. Breathe slowly into your belly.

♦  In case, your breath is choppy and short, it causes overstrain.

♦ As your muscles get tired, release slowly the pose.

♦ Turn your head, rest on your belly.

♦ Repeat two times.

♦ As an alternative, you can do the setu bandha sarvangasana or the bridge pose.

Shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana)

 yoga for abs

This yoga pose deals with exerting pressure on the throat base having the thyroid gland. It stimulates the endocrine system that works with the immune system and the nervous system to help your body fight invaders and cope with stresses.


♦ Begin this yoga pose on a soft surface so that your upper back and neck stays protected.

♦ Do it on a folded mat, carpet or a blanket.

♦ Fold the blanket carefully and keep it beneath your shoulders such that it under your neck base and upper back. This should extend your neck and also offer your head rest.

♦ Keep your arms alongside, raise your legs facing the ceiling. Swing your legs overhead and press your arms in the floor.

♦ Allow your legs to hang on the top of your head or allow your knees to rest on the forehead. Place on your back the palms to support your body weight.

♦  Bring your elbows closer and lift legs straight up. It is acceptable if your legs are not really straight.

♦ Ensure that your breath is natural, while your feet are up and the blood flow should be normal.

♦  In case, you suddenly swallow, cough or sneeze, come out of the pose slowly.

♦  Give a break for five minutes.

♦ Slowly lower your legs into plow pose by positioning your arms by your sides.

♦  Use them as brakes, maintain control and lie on your back.

♦ Take gentle normal breaths and with regular practice see the effects of this pose.

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Now over to you-

Do these yoga poses daily  and make great six or eight abs.Now it’s up to you. You want to have abs or happy with the lean or fat body you have.

Do let me know when you succeed in getting abs.