Yoga for knee pain is regarded as the right solution. However, it is a must to know what knee pain is. Knee is the largest joint, where the upper and lower knee bones are separated by two discs. The lower and upper leg bones are connected by tendons, ligaments and muscles. The bones surface within the knee joint is covered by particular cartilage that absorbs shock and offers a gliding, smooth surface for joint movement. Minor knee problem is faced by most people at one or the other time.

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 Reasons for knee pain

 ♦  Most times, our body movements do not cause problems, however it is also not surprising that the symptoms develop owing to everyday overuse, wear and tear or injury. Knee joint pain may be due to some sudden injury or overuse or even some underlying condition, arthritis. Knee problems also occur due to recreational activities or sports, home projects or work related tasks.

♦  Highly mobile people are at high risk of developing knee injuries such as sports personnel, athletes and runners. This also includes soccer players and body builders. Fractures, ligament tears and muscular sprain causes chronic or acute knee pain.

♦  Certain drugs usage also increases the knee pain risk and this is due to inflammation causing vulnerable and weak ligaments, joint cavities and connective tissue elements. Aging increases the wear and tear due to osteoarthritis. Menopause also causes knee pain owing to the depletion of estrogen and bone de-mineralization. Higher body mass index or obesity also promotes the intensity changes and aggravates the osteoarthritis process.

Yoga for knee pain poses

Yoga for knee pain poses are helpful and is useful only with regular practice

Supported warrior:


Yoga for knee pain


This pose relieves chronic to inflammatory knee pain and also degenerative bone disorders. The steps are:

♦  Stand before a wall and position your hands touching the wall.

♦ Raise your left foot touching the wall or to stay stretched in the forward direction.

♦ Extend or stretch your right and left arm along the right and left limbs respectively.

♦ Take backward steps with your right foot and flex a little of your left knee

♦ Hold for 15 seconds your breath and repeat the same with left limb.


Yoga for knee pain

This is yoga for arthritis relief pose.  The steps are:

♦ Sit in a lotus position on a clean mat

♦  Fold your legs and hold your big toes gently of respective feet and lie on the floor extending your back.

♦ Gently fold your legs and once again hold the big toes respectively and lie extending your back, while touch the ground with your head.

♦ Hold this position and sit in original position.



Tadasana yoga steps


Tadasana is another excellent yoga for knee pain relief pose. This yoga pose helps knee joint nourishment. The steps are:

 ♦ Stand straight with feet firm on the ground

♦ Maintain slow breathing and keep the back muscles straight

♦ Maintain steady breathing


Yoga for knee pain

 This yoga pose is to place both knees and hands on the ground forming a cat pose.

The steps are:

♦ Form the cat pose

♦ Sit on your back such that your legs are folded inwards

♦  Fold hands and the wrists must be along your stomach

♦  Breathe deeply, relax joints, muscles and ligaments

 Triangle pose:

Yoga for knee pain

This yoga pose helps alleviating knee pain. It stabilizes and strengthens knee joints. If you experience stress or undue strain or pressure in the knee joint part, this exercise may be stopped.

♦  Stand straight such that you extend your legs

♦  Maintain body balances having a balance of your joints and muscles

♦  Stretch in the air your right arm and touch the ground using left hand.

♦ Hold for few seconds this posture and gently release

♦   Repeat the same keeping the left arm in air and using the right arm to touch the ground.

Camel pose:

 Yoga for knee pain♦ Kneel on the floor keeping your thighs perpendicular.

♦ Rest your shins and approach pelvis with both hands

♦   Lean backwards, hold your heels

♦ Maintain this posture for few seconds and release.


Avoid doing these yoga poses after food and people who have suffered accidents or injuries must consult their physicians before practicing yoga for knee pain.

Wear yoga pants and just start doing right away.

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