Here is the next pranayama breathing exercise-

Bhastrika Pranayama  or  The Bellows Breath is described as complete inhaling and exhaling. With this yoga, your body gets maximum oxygen which will help to make you healthy.


 Bhastrika pranayama steps to be followed


♦   First of all sit in straight and comfortable posture.

♦    Vajrasana and Padmasana are ideal to practice this yoga asana.

♦  Keep your hands on knees and feel relaxed.

♦ Now try to focus on breathing pattern and relax.

♦  Now you have to inhale forcefully through both nostrils. Be sure that lungs are now full of air.

♦ After inhaling fully you have to exhale with force with hissing sound.

♦  In this bhastrika pranayama while breathing in and breathing out you have to apply force. You can decide how much speed you can apply to inhale and exhale. Don’t go beyond your health and endurance power. Apply only that much force which your body allows easily.

♦  When you inhale with speed keep in mind that your abdominal must not blow up with air. You have to blow up your chest area.

♦ Repeat 5 times in the beginning. Later you can increase it up to 10 times.

♦ Do bhastrika pranayama for just five minutes daily.


 Bhastrika pranayama benefits-


♦  It helps us to throw out all toxins and cure the respiratory problems.

♦  It purifies blood and increase the supply of oxygen to our body.

♦   It gives you positivity.

♦It will increase the heat in the body and also helps to put off common cold away from us.

♦ With the practice of Bhastrika pranayama you will be far away from most of the diseases.

♦  If you will do bhastrika or any other pranayama in the early morning your skin will start glowing.

♦  Bhastrika is the secret of ageless skin.

♦ Your hard earned money will be saved which you spend to buy beauty products.

♦  Bhastrika pranayama will give you natural beauty.

 Bhastrika pranayama Precatautions


If you have high BP or any sort of heart disease you should not practice bhastrika pranayama.Do this pranayama carefully to get maximum benefits.

Wear yoga pants and do yoga with caution and care.