Pranayama: Yoga being so famous that now everyone loves to do it as it increases our stamina, keep us fit and most important give us calm mind and soul. There are many yoga asanas but the most promising and most important yoga asana is Pranayama. Many yoga doers play music for pranayama, you don’t have? buy it and do pranayama with more ease.

The word itself is complete in itself

Pranayama, the magical pranayama, pran means breath and ayama mean control that’s why it is known as pranayama. It is very effective and helpful breathing exercise and most important part of yoga. If you will practice it regularly with full dedication I assure and guarantee you this yoga will heal your body internally completely, yes completely.

Pranayama is not one thing it has seven pranayamas

These seven types of pranayama are excellent breathing yoga asanas for gifting us a stress free, cheerful healthy life.

You need to arrange just 35 to 45 minutes from your whole day to finish all seven magical pranayama. It is confirmed by many yogi experts and gurus that if we will do these seven pranayamas regularly we will become healthy, toned and fit.

Pranayama not only makes us healthy and strong but also very helpful in curing and preventing manydangerous health disorders like cancer, stress, high and low BP, stomach disorders, nervousness, diabetes, depression, heart problems and many other health issues.


Ideal Time to Do Pranayama

  • Early Morning, before the sunrise is the ideal time to do pranayama.
  • Do take a bath before starting this yoga asana. Do it in clean and ventilated space wearing loose cloth and always sit in a straight posture.
  • So are your ready to explore and experience those miraculous seven pranayamas which are going to change and transform your life completely,  of course, I am talking about healthy life?
  • Ok now I am taking your flight to those seven asanas and also will tell you how to do those pranayamas in a correct manner.

Here the list begins of seven pranayamas to cure, to heal your body and mind.

Wear yoga pants and get set go…

My plane is moving towards pranayama types.