Yoga for diabetes

Yoga for diabetes : My friend knows that I am diabetic patient and I take medicines for that. But yesterday when she saw me doing yoga she asked can you get rid of diabetes type 2 completely with yoga? I replied her I can control sugar level with yoga. Then I told her which yoga asanas will help me to control diabetes. Yoga to control sugar level can be true only if you do it with dedication. Yoga for diabetes is highly recommended as Diabetes is no more a foreign name. This is a condition happening to anybody, regardless of place, age or genetic history. This condition is controllable and so fretting has nothing to do. Of course, a little care and awareness are essential. Practicing yoga daily for a few minutes is mandatory and following regular exercise and good food is a must.


Yoga for diabetes is recommended, but do you know what are the Diabetes symptoms


Are you losing weight unusually, visiting bathroom has become frequent to urinate or feeling thirsty or hungry often? If your answer is yes, you have low production of insulin and high blood pressure. This is due to lack of response owing to the least insulin produced and consulting a doctor is the best.

Diabetes may be Type 1 or type 2 or may be gestational, occurring with pregnancy. The earlier it is treated, the best it is for individuals. A good lifestyle practice, meditation, and yoga for diabetes can be your escort.


How does yoga for diabetes help?


 ♦   Regular practice of yoga helps in reducing the level of sugar present in the blood, in association lowers blood pressure. It also reduces the symptoms, the diabetes progression rate is slowed and the severity of further complications is lessened.

♦   This is also a lifestyle disease and stress is the main for diabetes. It promotes the glucagon hormones secretion in the body that is responsible to elevate the levels of blood glucose. Practicing consistently yoga asanas that involve body postures, few minutes of meditation daily and breathing exercises such as Pranayama, reduces your body and mind stress, thereby reduces glucagons and improves insulin action.

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Poses of yoga for diabetes


Yoga for diabetes practice helps in reducing weight and also assists in controlling the increasing weight.

♦  The best two ways are the Kapal Bhati Pranayama and Sun Salutation to enjoy weight loss.

♦  Diabetes worsens with hypertension and practicing yoga asanas such as Child Pose, Bridge Pose,    Corpse Pose and Yoga Nidra helps in hypertension controlling.

♦  Other yoga postures helpful for diabetes includes (kneeling pose Vajrasana), Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand, Bow Posture, Lying-Down Body Twist, Sitting Half-Spinal Twist and Two-Legged Forward Bend.

♦ Nadi Shodhan Pranayama is the best yoga for diabetics. It assists in releasing stress and flushes out toxins out of the body. This is a distinct breathing technique, Sudarshan Kriya, designed that has helped many diabetic sufferers in reducing blood glucose levels and to control their condition.

♦  Meditation regularly for a few minutes acts as an excellent stress-buster for the body and mind. Interestingly, though stress is the real cause of diabetes, it results in the diabetes patients getting highly stressed and this aggravates the problem further. It is observed that most diabetic sufferers lose self-confidence and brood over their condition. Thus, meditation helps in gaining the strength through meditation and in restoring the confidence levels. In fact, the common habit of craving for sweets in diabetic patients also drops to a great extent with meditation.

Eating right matters

Yoga to control sugar is a must follow the practice and eating right diet also matters a lot. The foods you eat is responsible for this disease and so ensure to follow these tips:

♦  Eat three meals with one or two evenly spaced snacks throughout the day

♦  Avoid skipping meals

♦   Have each snack/meal every day at the same time

♦   Ensure to eat carbohydrate in the same amount every day in each meal.

 Most recommended-Yoga Nidra practitioners need less sleep to feel well-rested

Bear in mind

♦  Keep monitoring the glucose levels, throughout the program and take the medication appropriately.

♦   Practice in the morning and evening yoga for 40 to 60 minutes, depending on individual capacity.

♦   The postures maintenance must be gradually increased such that from 5 seconds to a minute and may be even longer. This also depends on the capacity and posture of a person.

♦  Remember to focus on breathing while doing the posture. Having a proper breathing pattern is most important while doing yoga poses and meditation.


Do not eat and practice yoga in the mornings and always wear yoga pants to feel comforable.. Do not try to follow others exercise pattern. Each body is different and so consulting an exercise expert and designing a pattern that suits your body is recommended.


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