Tadasana, Tada in Sanskrit means mountain and Tadasana is also named as mountain yoga.Today I will tell you about how to stand straight and firm like a mountain.

Do use Gravolite Sun Salutation Yoga Mat on which you can do tadasana.


I am writing caution portion in beginning because there is a reason behind it.

♦ If you are suffering from insomnia, headaches or low blood pressure then I advise you to first consult your doctor and then do this yoga asana.

♦  If you are pregnant don’t do this asana.

If you don’t have above both issues then do continue reading.

People don’t stand correctly. Some people stand with the body weight on one leg or with one leg turned sideways. Some put all their weight on the heels or inner or outer edges of the feet.  Due to the wrong method of standing and not evenly distributing the body weight on feet, they face many deformities which effect badly to the spinal elasticity.

Thus we should do Tadasana Yoga Steps to make outstanding posture correct. If we will not stand straight we have bad back, bad knee and bad spinal.

Tadasana Yoga Steps  are very effective if done properly and in a right manner.


Here are the Tadasana yoga steps-


♦   Stand straight with feet together or stand with small gap as per your comfort.

♦  Inhale and start raising your arms upwards over your friends.

♦ Keep your arms upwards and Interlock your fingers

♦  Start raising your heels simultaneously.

♦  Now you will the feel the stretch from toes to finger of your hands.

♦  Try to be in pose as much as you can around 30 seconds or more with slow and deep breathing.

♦  Now come back to beginning normal position exhaling ( deep breathing)

♦ You can repeat as many times as you can but you have to do it with comfort.


Tadasana Yoga Steps Benefits-


♦  It gives expansion and strength to the lungs because of deep inhaling and exhaling.

♦ It helps to increase the height thus beneficial for growing kids.

♦ It activates and strengthens the nerves of the body.

♦ It’s good for heart.

♦ It’s good for women having irregular menstrual cycle.

♦ Treat the indigestion problem.

♦ Make arms and legs strong.

♦ Help to get rid of  lethargy from your body.

♦  It helps to reduce the problem related to flat feet.


 A beneficial beginner tip-


If you face difficulty in doing tree posture Steps and balancing on toes or in raising heels, then you can do this asana with normal standing. But do try to raise your heels, soon with regular practice you will feel comfortable in doing this yoga with raising heels and on toes.

Do tree pose in yoga Steps and enjoy its benefits.

Do and let me know how much beneficial it was for you.

Wear yoga pant and start doing yoga..

Take care and be healthy.