How to Lower Blood Pressure in a Quick Way with Yoga

how to lower blood pressure

How to lower blood pressure with yoga is a question stirring many people suffering from high blood pressure. The fear is because most risk factors are owing to the lifestyle factors.  There is no need to spend heavily on expensive herbs or consider alternative remedies for high blood pressure to be brought into control. In fact, slight diet modifications, stress management and practicing yoga helps in reducing high blood pressure. Simple lifestyle habits are effective cures for high blood pressure.

Why measuring BP is important with how to lower blood pressure with yoga

Blood pressure is not the same everywhere and so it is always measured on the hands. The blood pressure or hypertension is in 2 types, systolic and diastolic. Systolic indicates heart contraction and the diastolic pressure indicates the heart expansion. Generally, healthy person has 120mm/80 mm BP, where systolic is 120mm and 80mm is the diastolic. When the BP shows an increase of 15mm to 20mm, it is considered a disease as it is more than the normal range. There are many reasons for BP to go high and so it is a must to know how to lower blood pressure with yoga.


Improper functioning of kidney may relate to diabetes or BP going high. Reason for high BP may also be due to high mental strain. There are medicines to eliminate strain and mental stress, the underlying reasons, but for some time.  However, yoga is the best as it offers the required relaxation to your mind, body and soul. Yoga helps attain the stress free mind.

How to lower blood pressure with yoga poses

 Yogasanas, Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra are helpful in achieving the mental peace helps people in knowing how to lower blood pressure with yoga.

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Yogasana :

During any exercise there is strain on the muscles, thus there is an increase in the requirement for blood and oxygen but in Yogasanas the requirement it involves no strains and every muscle is relaxed and so the requirement for blood and oxygen is slow. Thus it reduces the strain on mind that the mind becomes focused and stable. Also with the stretched postures and various twists, the endocrine glands functioning, digestive organs, heart and other organs functioning improves. Thus Yogasanas are considered to be helpful that one can easily practice and get the best for himself.


Pranayama is about blood circulation system, control of breath and breathing such that heart has close relation. In case there is some mental strain, it increases the breathing rate such that the breathing gets affected. In Pranayama the breathing rate is reduced and controlled and so no strain on heart and its rate. Thereby, the mind stability increases and mental activities are controlled.

How to lower blood pressure with yoga breathing exercises

Simple breathing exercises such as Deep Breathing and Quiet Breathing helps reducing the mental strains and stresses. The Pranic force is balanced in the body with the regular pranyama practice that restores the mental and physical balance. Some Pranayama techniques affect the nervous system functioning, but again helps restoring the balance. In many Pranayama techniques, the Pranic flow of energy is balanced by the Ujjayi Pranayama in the body. Thus Ujjayi affects carotid sinus and reduces BP.


 How to lower blood pressure with yoga is best addressed by Meditation. This is because it brings the mind to focus one object or point, thus it has a great effect on mind and body. The facts observed include:

♥ Complete body relaxed, giving enough rest to various organs and muscles

♥ Balance is attained in the nervous system functioning

♥ Grasping power, concentration, will power and memory increases

♥ Easily handle stressful situations

♥ Balance is achieved in the Body Mind complex functioning

♥ Improvement in the brain functioning

The basic meditations that are very helpful include Omkar chanting or Meditation and Prana Meditation. High BP patients will find Omkar chanting for 15 minutes every day offering miraculous results.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a process involving psychic sleep and help in removing emotional, physical and mental strains effectively and easily. It helps in focusing the mind and removing negative elements.

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People with high blood pressure and asthma patients need not practice the breathing yoga poses.

Practicing daily yoga nidra for 30 minutes is sure to solve your query how to lower blood pressure with yoga.

Follow these yoga poses and let me know it worked for you or not?  If  you have queries  let me know I am here to solve it.

Wear yoga pants and do yoga…Thanks and good luck…


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