Yoga for Hemorrhoids is a question in many people’s mind. Actually, yoga is an exercise that heals body and mind. It is known to be effective for hemorrhoids. It gets rid of painful, itchy and uncomfortable hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are also known as piles and this is an embarrassing, painful condition that causes the veins inflammation. It results due to excessive strain on the bowel movement or on the strain exerted during pregnancy. Fortunately, now you can know Yoga for piles with yoga poses that alleviates discomfort experienced due to hemorrhoids. You can consult a qualified yoga teacher or doctor to perform such yoga poses. let us start to learn how to to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Know the Symptoms of how to get rid of hemorrhoids with yoga

There will be a swelling of the veins circling the anus and they remain swollen and are referred to as piles. As the piles appear external to the anus it is visible, but once it develops inside, blood oozes out and is referred to as bleeding piles. Many times there are piles developed inside and do not bleed, but are aching, painful, itching or burning and are known as dry piles. Knowing the symptoms you can learn Yoga for Hemorrhoids.

Yoga poses to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids with yoga

 Sarvanga Asana


How to get rid of hemorrhoids

The first yoga pose is the Sarvanga Asana. This is the candle pose. This yoga pose is to start by lying on your back and lifting the buttocks. On assuming this position, the legs position must be straight. You can use your arms to support your buttocks and hold it for several seconds.   In case you are familiar with the position of shoulder stand, you can try it. Remember knowing Yoga for Hemorrhoids involves flexibility and to hold the balance well. Lift at a 90 degree angle your body so that your legs are with your spine in one line and hold for 10 seconds this pose, prior to curling down back.

This yoga pose helps reducing stress and in alleviating hemorrhoids different symptoms. The free flowing blood from your toes to back and head reduces the rectal area clots.

Matsya Asana-

how to get rid of hemorrhoids

Matsya Asana is the second pose that refers to the fish pose. You may lie on your back and bend your knees. Put your knees such that it bends assuming a lotus posture. This arches your back. Lift your chest slowly, maintaining the position of your head on the floor. Offer support with your hands and hold for 30 seconds.

This pose helps you to understand Yoga for Hemorrhoids as it opens the blockage. This position offers relief and also helps in heart functioning. With regular practice, there is less discomfort and pain experienced.

Child’s Pose Or Balasana

How to get rid of hemorrhoids

Child’s Pose is a yoga pose relieving hemorrhoid symptoms and alleviates constipation. Bend your knees and come on heels, lower your chest, rest forehead on the floor, bring arms besides your body and stay in this pose for 60 seconds.

Other yoga poses to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids with yoga

Yoga is an effective practice and it addresses Yoga for Hemorrhoids and keeps your body healthy and fit. The yoga poses are an ultimate solution and the other poses that can be tried include the Balasana, the child pose, Malasana, the garland pose and Viparita Karani, the legs up on the wall pose.  Even the squatting pose assists in counteracting constipation. This is a simple pose where you have to bring your feet wider and bend knees to sit in a squatting position. Allow your buttocks down to the floor and sit in a prayer pose. Stay in this pose and return to standing position.

Diet for Hemorrhoids (piles)

Consume easily digestible foods, avoid fried and spicy foods. Managing weight is important and so paying attention to diet is also a must.


Avoid standing unnecessarily and keep your legs stretched offering full rest. In case you happen to notice, there is blood in the faeces or you suddenly happen to lose or put on weight, it is a must to see doctor and to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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