How to relieve sinus pressure with yoga is not a new query or doubt. Generation after generation experience blocked sinuses, pain and discomfort causing sinus headaches, nasal congestion and breathing normally is hindered. People suffering with sinus infection must address them and there are yoga poses to offer sinus pressure relief. The yoga poses circulate blood and reduce the clogged sinuses discomfort.

Practicing yoga indicates practicing proper breathing and yoga for blocked sinuses is the key element.

How to relieve sinus pressure with yoga Shoulder stand pose

How to relieve sinus pressure

Shoulderstand yoga pose is the basic inversion pose where the body is supported by upper arms and shoulder. Shoulderstand helps in relieving the blockages of sinus. To begin with lie flat, bend your knees such that you hug touching your chest. Bring your feet towering your head such that your shoulders provide proper support to balance your body weight. Slowly ensure your upper arms touch the floor. This will keep your core muscles engaged and your feet balls are facing the ceiling. Protect your neck while doing this yoga pose by keeping your gaze straight. Maintain this pose for 20 seconds to know how to relieve sinus pressure with yoga. If you can and your body tolerates, do this yoga pose for longer time. This is a very good yoga pose for sinus relief and also when your energy is low.

How to relieve sinus pressure with yoga Downward Facing Dog pose

how to relieve sinur pressure

Downward Facing Dog is an inverted yoga pose that is arm-supported helping the flow of blood to your sinuses. On the yoga mat come to a dog pose keeping your hands and knees touching the yoga mat. Press your palms while moving your hips up. Keep your legs straight and extend your heels down towards the mat. Your body will look like an elongated, upside down “V.” This pose may be done for one minute.

How to relieve sinus pressure with yoga breathing techniques and other ways

There are many other yoga poses namely the child’s pose, rabbit pose, and the above mentioned two poses, plow pose and headstand pose answering how to relieve sinus pressure with yoga.


This is the basic breathing exercise and practicing this alleviates the discomfort of sinus. You may try to practice it with a relaxed demeanor and calm mind focusing on moving your prana smoothly.

Practice the following:

Belly Breathing:

belly breathing

Lie on your back, bend your knees and keep your hands on your belly. Take a deep breath into the belly, focus on belly expanding like a Buddha, then draw the breath and energize your chest, ribs and shoulders. Now, exhale in the same way by deflating your belly, shoulders and chest, and squeeze the air out of your belly. Do it at your own pace.
Calming Breath:

How to relieve sinus pressure


First sit comfortably. Bring your right hand out palm facing you. Close your index and middle fingers inside the palm. Position your ring finger and close your left nostril. Breathe for two counts from the right nostril. Close the right nostril using the thumb and hold breathe for two counts. Now, release left nostril and for two counts you may exhale. Once again, close the left nostril, while you hold the breath for two counts. If you experience discomfort in holding your breath, give a simple pause. If you are comfortable, you can increase the count, but the counts must be equal for each action.

Breath of Fire:

How to relieve sinur pressure

Hold your hand on your navel, and forcefully exhale out from the nose repeatedly. Your belly must pump in and out. This forceful exhale draws in a new breath naturally, eliminating the need to inhale consciously. Initially, you may pant gently, but speeding the breath pace is essential so that the fire of breath is felt.
Neti Pot:

How to relieve sinur pressure

This is a small ceramic pot featuring a nozzle and a handle. Mix warm water and non-iodized seat salt in this pot and pour into one nostril slowly while you keep breathing through your mouth. Repeat it on the other side. Doing neti pot regularly will eliminate sinus congestion clearly.


People with heart complaints and asthma may consult their doctor and then practice such yoga poses to know yoga for blocked sinuses.

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