Surya Namaskar is best when it is done in early mornings on empty stomach. It comprises of 12 yoga poses to make a complete one Surya Namaskara set. There may be several sun salutation versions, it is ideal to get one sequence so that it is practiced regularly and to enjoy best results.

Magical steps of Sun Salutation

  Step 1- Pranamasana:

• Stand on your mat edge, keeping your position of the feet together

• The balance of your body weight must be on your feet

• Relax your shoulders , expand your chest

• Lift both arms up, breathe in and exhale slowly by bringing together your palms in a prayer position such that the folded arms are in front of your chest.

• This posture induces relaxation and calmness.

Step 2 – Hasta Uttanasana

• Lift arms up above the head and arch back

• Keep you biceps near to your ears

• Stretch the entire body from the heels

• Start inhaling and hold breath in the position of stretched arms.

• Pull pelvis forward and reach with your fingers than going backwards

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Step 3- Pada Hastasana

• Bend your body from the spine.

• Keep legs straight on the ground

• Bend from the waist , keeping spine erect
• Bring hands beside the feet down to the floor.

• The knees may bend slightly, if required.

  Step 4- Ashwa Sanchalanasana

• Stretch your left leg back and fold the right knee such that the knee is bent up and the foot is touching the ground.

• Expand chest, lift spine.

• Concentrate at the eyebrows center and look straight

• Breath slowly

 Step 5- Parvatasana

• Position right leg back and join the left leg

• Lower your head, raise buttocks and form a triangle on the floor

• Focus the neck area, place the heels on the ground

• Start exhaling as you reach the posture

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Step 6- Sashtanga Namaskar

 • Drop both knees and slide your body.

• Position your chin and chest to the ground

• Remember, limbs, knees, toes, hands, chest and chin must touch the floor, keeping buttocks up

• Keep exhaled position or reaching posture and inhale while moving to next posture.

Step 7- Bhujangasana

• Lower hips so that the spine is arched fully and head is up

• Push chest forward, while lower abdomen and knees touch the floor

• Focus at the spine base and feel tension

• Start inhaling, hold breath until the posture continues and then exhale

 Step 8 – Parvatasana

 • Keep palms touching the floor

• Move head backwards, let both feet touch the ground

• Lower your head, raise buttocks and resume to posture

• Exhale on reaching the position

Step 9- Ashwa Sanchalanasana

• Position right leg back in an extended form

• Touch the ground with the left knee

• The left knee should be in bent up position, while the foot is flat on the ground

• Concentrate on your eyebrows

• Inhale while taking the position and for few seconds hold breath.

  Step 10- Pada Hastasana

 • Position right foot forward in a stretched position

• Bring both legs together

• Bend forward by bringing your head between knee

• Exhale on taking the position

Step 11-Hasta Uttanasana

• Stretch and keep your arms in backward position

• Start inhaling while in position

• Stay for few seconds

Step 12- Pranamasana

• Keep your body straight

• Position your hands before your chest

• Inhale and exhale while you brings arms forward

• Keep breathing in a normal pace.

This is one round of the Surya Namaskar or yoga sun salutation. It is perfect when you perform on an empty stomach, absolutely in the morning or in the evening. You can take few seconds rest and begin with the next round. Practicing 6 rounds is beneficial, but you can gradually increase the rounds and do not overdo, beyond your capacity.Synchronize breathing with body movements and concentrate on the principle of breathing such as inhale while taking backward bending postures and while doing forward bending postures you must exhale.

To be taken care of while doing Surya Namaskar

It is recommended that Surya Namaskar must be performed slowly with awareness of breathing. As the exercises are done speedily, there is more physical gain, whereas as they are done slowly concentrating breath awareness, it offers mental and spiritual gain. Perform Shavasana after completing sun salutation.

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