How to improve eyesight with yoga exercises now interests many people as now people are mostly working staring the computer for hours that limits our eye movement, thus creates a lot of stress to the eye. Earlier, eye exercises existed unknowingly as our ancestors could enjoy unlimited peripheral vision. Fortunately, even today with the help of yoga exercises, people can enjoy good natural eyesight, thus enjoy the fullest capability.

Advantages of how to improve eyesight with yoga

Knowing how to improve eyesight with yoga has its fair advantages. Eye exercises allow you to maintain optimal eye health and this can be done by avoiding excessive stress points, eye strain and by keeping your eye moist.

♥♥   Remember avoid using corrective lens during such exercises.♥♥

How to improve eyesight with yoga exercises

Here are few yoga exercises for your eyes. In fact, these are typical eye exercises routine offering a feel of how an eye exercise program ensures good eyesight naturally.


This is a sort of warm up exercise and this is important for all exercises. These warm up exercises increase circulation to your eyes and thus reduce the risk of pains and aches coming in association with exercise. Prior to starting eye exercises, first stretch eye extraocular muscles. Keep your head stationary as you are working only on your eyes.

Warm up Instructions:

→       Look straight and all the way up

→      Count 2 seconds, and look down.

→      Count 2 seconds. Then look to your left.

→       Repeat and look to your right.

→        Now move your eyes to four diagonal corners. There will be a tight stretch feel in your eyes and it is good. Start from your extreme left corner top, go bottom right, right top and bottom left at the end. This completes one full cycle. Repeat this for a minute.


How to improve your vision with yoga exercise through flexibility is understood here. You can do it with close or open eyes.


→    Relax and look up.

→   In clockwise direction rotate your eyes

→  Make sure to reach all the corners of your eyes

→  Do for a minute and do it in anti-clockwise direction

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Focus Switching:

Changing focus is the performed function. This yoga exercise for eye rectifies your eyes that become lazy leading to weakening in the ability of accommodation or eye muscles.


→    Hold a newspaper or a book with small letters at a fair reading distance

→   Close one of your eyes and if you wish you can keep the eye open, though you have covered it.

→   Try to find for two to three seconds any small letter

→  Look from the book and identify that is 20 feet away, may be another letter.

→ Try it see it for two seconds and keep your eyes relaxed.

→  Repeat the same steps for the other eye. In this way, you can repeat the entire cycle.

How to improve eyesight with yoga relaxation exercises

Deep Blink:

Deep Blink

Improve your ability and acuteness of distance vision; this is actually a relaxation technique.


→  Look at a blank wall or some large letters. See until the letters appear blurring.

→  Sit on a chair comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe deep and release slowly. Do this a few times.

→ Take deep breath, clench your fists, hold your breath, tighten muscles in eyes, head, face, neck, chest, leg, arms and stomach for five seconds. Quickly exhale after five seconds through mouth, so that all your tension is out. Keep your eyes open for some time, breath slowly and now read the letters slowly. Repeat these steps for 2 minutes every day; you will notice the improvement in eyesight.

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How to improve eyesight

This is to relax muscles. Palming is a wonderful relaxation exercise.


→   Sit in a chair placing your arms on a table.

→  Rub your hands creating a warm sensation.

→  Cover your eyes with your warm hands such that your eyes are your palm cup.

→  Imagine looking into the dark, stay in this position for a minute.


Try these exercises, but do not strain your eyes or do it as a hurry work. If you are really serious, you can follow these exercises and know how to improve eyesight with yoga.

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