How to get taller fast with yoga carries much importance now, as more and more people love to have a tall figure. Nowadays, nothing is impossible is a very true statement and people are really ready to make anything possible if they can get few inches extra height. This makes a person look a perfect model, actor and also gives a chance to increase the rating in the market of marriage. Regardless of the reason, the fact stays that people are intelligent enough and do not take a plunge blindly, instead consider natural methods prior to opting for any drugs or surgical rectification methods.

How to get taller with Yoga and Exercise

Yoga is an effective exercise when it is done without any mistake, which means you need to follow a regular practice. Yoga is in India from ancient times and now it is been perfected. The discipline of yoga offers the performer a way of righteous living, thus the exercises promote body and mind exercises and ensures mental, spiritual and physical good health. In fact, this answers the first step to how to get taller with yoga.

Yoga practice offers noticeable results. Thus the exercises or asana, as it is well known are based on the performer’s knowledge of mind, body and the environment. Exercise and yoga together have an overall impact and cleans the body, thus the mental ability is improved. Thus it improves the health of joints, organs, eliminates toxins from your body and improves suppleness that it promotes the hormones and healthy cells of the body.

How to get taller with Yoga Asana and Height

Do you feel left alone or ashamed of your small height? Know how to get taller fast with yoga. You have to practice yoga so that you learn the asana perfectly and it helps in elevating height. Learning yoga perfectly is insisted as the postures are not very easy and may cause pain or harm, if it is performed incorrectly. Thus, it is better to take the yoga teachers guidance and to follow a VD demo, especially when a family member is present around.

People who know yoga asana can reinforce their spine and back. Thus, it straightens and rectifies the posture without causing any height increase. Actually, with yoga, the bones do not get lengthened. The only thing that yoga does for you is it promotes the circulation of blood, provides a boost to your levels of energy and clears the toxins from your digestive system. This promotes the fluid in the spinal column and promotes the spinal column cartilage.

Yoga poses resolving how to get taller with yoga

Looking tall is the intention of most people in this new age and the yoga poses that are helpful in getting taller include:

  • Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara

This pose is in practice from the ancient times for various reasons and thus increasing height is the main cause that people consider sun salutation to grow taller. This is actually a series of 12 postures that is best performed twice a day in the morning and the evening.

  • Hastapadasana


Hastapadasana is helpful in case the upper body part of your body is shorter. You may practice regularly this asana as this asana works on each part of your body, from head to toe. Thus, you can look better and gain more height to really gain some inches and to look taller.

  • Sukhasana


This yoga pose is a pleasant and easy pose. This is also the basic yoga pose that is best when practiced regularly. This deals with having control over breathing and it assists in toning the lower back and hip regions, thus it decompresses the cartilage and gain height .

  • Chakrasana


This yoga pose is very helpful to increase the height, whatever is your age. Chakrasana is yoga that includes bending in a backward or a forward direction. Thus the spinal cord elasticity increases and your body gets the required flexibility, thus it contributes to the height.

Caution: Remember to eat lightly while performing yoga asanas and exercise. Also, pay attention while you extend in backward and forward direction carefully. Know how to get taller with yoga and perform asanas without harming our spinal cord.

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Wear yoga pants and do yoga carefully.