Relief from Lower Back Pain : Yoga for Lower back pain is something interesting you would love to know as you are among one who suffers back pain daily.Back pain alleviation is a common reason to visit a doctor. Especially, the lower back is made of vertebrae of the ligaments, spine, and muscles. Any disease or injury to any of the discs in the spine, that is a cartilage cushion, causes back pain. The lower back injury risk is higher in obese people and also in people have weak back or poor posture.  Lack of exercises for lower back pain and poor diet increases the risk of back pain and yoga is the right option to relieve this back pain.

Know the causes before reading about Yoga for lower back pain

There is no reason to cause back pain. Yet, if there is a ligament or muscle strain, there is back pain experienced. Even if there is a disc problem, muscle tear or sprained ligament, back pain is experienced. Other conditions such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and spondylitis cause back pain. Overweight people, poor posture and pregnancy also cause back pain.

Apart from these, medical problems such as gall bladder disease, ulcers and appendicitis also cause back pain. There is no need for an injury always to cause back pain. Even conditions such as kidney infections, pneumonia, tumors and spine infection results in back pain. This pain is worse in the morning and the lower back pain at night. In fact, in severe cases, the pain is increased even with straining, coughing or sneezing.

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Relief from Lower Back Pain


Yoga for lower back pain is the best relief. The low back pain exercises help in strengthening your back. They relieve the pain, but also assist in preventing this pain in future. Trying some yoga stretches is recommended.

Important to keep in mind- In case you have severe back ache, consult doctor before you try these yoga poses.

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Practicing Yoga for lower back pain everyday offers the best relief. It must be performed for 10 minutes daily. Stretching lower back muscles is the best. It relieves your lower back pain and also keeps you safe from other spinal disorders. Apart from this, it strengthens back muscles and improves body posture, thus relieving your back from tension and stiffness.

Spine Lengthening:


Yoga for lower back pain

Sit in a position comfortably on a floor mat with cross legged. If you have difficulty in sitting on the floor, position on your bed. Ensure your back is straight and maintain relaxed shoulders. Practice this yoga pose with a smile. You can also do this pose in a standing position; remember your feet must be parallel. Raise your arms, breathe slowly and lock your fingers such that your thumbs touch each other.

Bring your arms in a position to the top. Do not strain, but stretch them to your best. Make sure the elbows are straight and ensure your biceps touch your ears. Hold for 20 seconds this position. Pull your tummy close to your spine and take a deeper back stretch.

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Spine Stretch:


Yoga for lower back pain

This must be done after the spine lengthening. Keep your fingers locked. Stretch your arms straight on your head top. Slowly breathe out and twist our body gently to the right side. This will create pressure on the hips. Hold this position for long breaths. Come to the center position while you inhale and exhale while moving to your left, hold the position, take long breath and return to center position while you inhale. Tuck your tummy, experience a deep stretch and feel the Yoga for lower back pain relief.

Twist the spine:


Yoga for lower back pain

This is a soothing stretch. Position your left hand on your right knee, deep slowly and breath by twisting your body to the right side. Position your right hand near your hip on the floor to the right. Stretch upward, keep your back straight, inhale and reach the center. Repeat on the left; ensure your tummy is inside.


Breathe slowly while performing yoga poses. Avoid over doing of ab workouts and any stressful weight lifting. Yoga for lower back pain reduces pain and offers relief for sure.

Lower back pain treatment along with lower back pain exercises of yoga can help you a lot.

Trust me.

Remember do it after consulting your doctor and after wearing yoga pants.

Stay healthy.