Whenever we have a headache we don’t want to do anything, we don’t want to talk to anybody; we just want to know how to get rid of headache.Am I right? You are saying right. Right?

I have a solution for this. Yoga… yes, yoga is very beneficial for getting rid of headaches.However, if you are frequently prone to headaches, you can understand the reason, Such as

• Lack of sleep,
• Stress
• Allergies and change in weather
• Hunger
• Eye strain
• Sinus problem

How to get rid of headache – First find the Causes

Lack of oxygen and posture can cause you a headache. This is because poor posture affects blood circulation and the respiratory system and this causes muscle tension leading to a headache. Headaches due to the tension are best resolved by yoga. Yoga eases as it relaxes your muscles in your neck, back and head, thus promotes circulation to your upper body and brain, thereby improving your posture. Headaches are accompanied by stress. The best is to cure your headache before the muscles spasm. Incorporate the yoga to get rid of a tension headache and find relief.

Yoga Poses- as an answer to your problem How to get rid of headache?

Cat Pose:

how to get rid of headache

Initiate with your hands and knees positioning on the floor. Exhale and round your spine up. Thus return to neutral with Inhale. Do this for 5 to 8 times keeping your breath normal leading your movement. This helps you in elongating your spine and also in separating your disks that actually gets compressed on sitting for long periods of time. Compression affects nerves that give you headaches.

Eagle Arms:


eagle arms

This yoga to get rid of tension headache is an arm pose. It offers relief from the tension type headaches. It also releases the tension from the shoulder by opening the chest and shoulders. However, shoulder tension leads to muscle and neck tension, thus finally results in headaches. Sitting or standing cross legged is also acceptable when you are new to yoga. First cross your left elbow on the right and lift elbows facing the sky. Keep the pose for 5 breaths in the same position and switch it such that the right elbow is over the left and hold it for 5 breaths.

Child’s Pose:

how to get rid of headacheThis is a resting pose. You may kneel on the ground such that you are sitting on your heels. Now, lean forward such that your chest rests on thighs and your forehead touches the floor. Make your fingertips walk in front of your head and slowly relax your arms by lengthening the sides of your body. Once you release tension and drop shoulders your breath is back. This helps in pushing oxygen to reach your shoulders and neck. Practice this if you enjoy deep and full breathing.

Wall Pose:

how to get rid of headache

This yoga pose is powerful and easy to get instant headache relief  . You may lie down near a wall on the floor and rest your legs touching the wall. This permits pooled blood from your legs to easily circulate, thus it helps reducing anxiety and fatigue. Stay in this position as long as you can and you are comfortable with breathing.

Corpse Pose:

how to get rid of headacheThis is last yoga pose for practice. You can slow down your breathing, relax your body and quiet your mind. Lie on the floor on your back. Relax your muscles with a deep inhale using your nose and exhale forcefully through mouth. Practice this a few times and you will notice your muscles are relaxing, while your body is against the floor. Focus on breathing, but keep your eyes closed. Lie down as long as you wish.

Benefit of Yoga to make you free from tension How to get rid of headache problem

Headaches due to tension can be healed with pain relievers, but it is best to avoid such strong chemical ingredients. This is because yoga answers all the human ailments. Your body is a pharmacy and has all that you need inside the body. In fact, it can react at your need anytime. When your body is aligned properly in a natural way, yoga can make miracles. In fact, anxiety and depression also causes tension headaches, disturbing your life.

The yoga asana and poses heal this ailment and is also cost effective. It is best done under the guidance of a yoga teacher or some qualified yoga instructor. Eating vegetables, fruits and raw food in plenty, besides avoiding coffee and alkaloids of any kind ensures a healthy life. Water must be taken in adequate quantities besides yoga.

Follow perfectly and forget the problem how to get rid of headache.

Caution: People with spondylitis, heart or breathing problems may avoid doing this without proper consultation from an expert yoga instructor or doctor.

So just wear yoga pants and start doing.