Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea is an excellent addition to the current treatment for sleep apnea. A daily practice helps in improving your sleep and also in managing stress. Body/mind modalities and yoga are mindfulness-based stress reduction and if this is practiced in repetition, it helps in training the body and mind to respond or behave in a healing way.

Common Causes of obstructive sleep apnea

The most common cause is obesity that leads to excessive weight and thus results in disturbed mind. Yoga provides a holistic treatment for the body and mind, thus leads to marked improvement in the style of life and offers immense improvement in the sleep quantity and quality.

Yoga posses to lessen obstructive sleep apnea

Yoga breathing exercises helps in managing Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea. Curing sleep apnea through yoga alone is impossible immediately, buy when it is practiced concurrently in association with other treatment modalities, it helps in reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. This is possible because the yoga breathing exercises helps in toning and strengthening the upper airway muscles. Thus, in this process it calms the mind and reduces stress, ensuring to live better. It must be combined with a good dietary control to avert obesity that is a common cause for this condition.

1. Cat-Cow

obstructive sleep apnea

Position your hands and knees. Keep in line your knees with wrists, hips and your shoulders should be perpendicular. Slowly inhale, turn toward the ceiling your spine. Drop toward the floor your head, resembling the pose of a frightened cat. Stay in the same pose for a second. Then, exhale and get back to the starting position. Lift your chest on inhaling and curve your back down, raise head and for one second hold the same pose. Repeat such motions 5-10 times.

2. Seated Forward Bend


obstructive sleep apneaTake a seated position keeping your legs extended in front of you. Sit erect, inhale, reach your arms overhead. Slowly exhale, while reaching your toes. For 10 seconds hold the same pose and return from the start, repeat.

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3. Seated Twist

obstructive sleep apneaSit in a position of cross-legged. Place on left knee the right hand while you exhale. Position your left hand on the back of the tailbone. Gently, twist to the left your torso and look towering your left shoulder. Stay in the same position for 10 seconds. Relax for a minute and repeat the same on the opposite site.

Yoga Breathing Technique for obstructive sleep apnea

obstructive sleep apnea


Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea focuses on breathing technique. Inhale through nose, sit comfortably and then keep your mouth wide and exhale. Slowly exhale, feel your breath in the throat base. Close your mouth, begin inhaling and exhaling from nose after several repetitions. Do it for five to eight minutes and not over 15 minutes. This technique assists in toning your throat muscles, quiets your mind, reduces stress and regulates your breath.

Effects of breathing exercises for obstructive sleep apnea

• Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea concentrates on breathing efficiently. This is because it relieves health problems such as anxiety, chest problems, visual problems, fatigue, dizziness and sleep disorders.

• With yoga you can keep the elasticity of lung tissue, improve snoring, strengthen immune system and tone your abdominal muscles.

• Breathing deeply helps in increasing the oxygen intake and this promotes energy, metabolism and you can get rid of the toxins in your body.

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To ascertain, the breathing is efficient, make sure you maintain a correct posture. Keep your spine and shoulders straight and relaxed. Maintaining proper posture assists your lungs in having maximum room to expand and this allows taking full breaths.

Tips for Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea exercises

Now the fact is well known that Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea is found to be highly effective and especially the breathing exercises are very helpful when it is done in a perfect manner. Following these tips helps in performing the breathing exercises in yoga perfectly.

• Choose a location that has clean, fresh air
• Ensure you wear cotton clothing that does not hinder your breathing. So avoid clothing with a tight waistline.
• In case you have other health problems such as heart disease or asthma, consult your doctor prior to starting breathing exercises.


People performing Yoga for obstructive sleep apnea must not eat full stomach before practicing or also must not do with an empty stomach.

Start after consulting your doctor.

Wear yoga pants and start doing.