Yoga for hair loss to stop is on high priority as hair is the pride of a woman. The ponytail thickness is good to flaunt, but as it begins decreasing, paying attention becomes inevitable. The problem is serious as it is stressful and heartbreaking to comb. Thus, yoga asanas are helpful in preventing hair loss as an effective solution. Just wear yoga pants and start doing.

Hair loss causes-

The reasons for hair loss include ageing, much stress, medication, unhealthy eating habits, using many hair products, hormonal problems, genetics and heat treatments. It is the best to know yoga for hair loss is the best remedy. Unhealthy lifestyle habits must be controlled or eliminated, besides medication and pranayama. However, it is possible to deal with issues of hair loss easily with these yoga asanas.

List – Yoga for hair loss

Yoga for hair loss includes poses that controls hair loss and are exceptionally effective for hair regrowth.


Yoga for hair loss

This is highly effective and simple. Doing this yoga asana is possible while you are standing or sitting. Curling your hands fingers inwards is the first step. Bring both your hands nails such that each other is in contact and rub it vigorously such that you keep out the thumbnails. Rub for 5-7 minutes the nails of both hands and keep rubbing continuously. This yoga asana cures premature hair graying and also dandruff. Doing this is helpful even to the hair follicles roots that are connected to the fingernails that pump energy for the hair growth.

Uttanasana :

Yoga for hair loss

This is also a simple yoga pose. You can keep your legs close together touching your knees, feet, heels and toes. You may inhale deeply. Bend forward; lift your hands while exhaling. Touch your hands and fingers on the floor. Position your hands behind heels; maintain normal breathing by holding on this position. Slowly inhale deeply, keep back straight and come out of his pose. Beginners may find difficulty in touching your hands on the ground. If so, fold your hands such that your right elbow is held with left hand and right hand holding left elbow. Hair growth is sure for two reasons, firstly as your head is hanging allowing blood circulation to your scalp and ensures hair growth and another reason is that it also de-stresses as you get relieved of all the tensions and anxiety.

Sasangasana :


Yoga for hair loss

Yoga for hair loss stopping helps when you position your knees on the floor and position yourself sitting on your heels. Place your hands such that you hold your heels. Place your head crown on the floor and inhale slowly, lifting your hips. Retain this position for five breaths and slowly exhale as you roll back to the pose. Relax and do it again. This yoga asana is good for the crown as the blood flows ensure good blood circulation to the scalp and ensures healthy hair growth.

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Yoga for hair loss

Position yourself on the floor such that our knees calves take a right angle. Place your hands on the waist, with fingers positioning the thumb behind and the other fingers in the front. Hold your heels with your hands, bend spine backward. Slowly face upwards and look at the ceiling. Keep your breathing normal and hold this pose for few seconds. Exhale slowly, once again sit in a baby pose and relax.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

yoga for hair loss

Position yourself with your hands and knees on the ground. Position your shoulders in perpendicular level, keep your legs straight, push your hips up and stand on the toes. Press your palms such that your spine is straight and while exiting from this pose, gently bring down your hips.

Vajrasana :

yoga for hair loss

Position on the floor keeping stretched legs and spine erect. Place hands such that palms face the ground and heels are together. Fold legs such that it is under your thighs, place your hands on thighs, breathe deeply in and out, sit in a relaxed position and return back to posture with stretched legs.

Caution while doing Yoga for hair loss

Yoga is a natural hair loss treatment. There are precautions for beginners such as do not bend much as it may result in injury on your lower back. Keep your body stiff as flexibility is essential to ensure yoga for hair loss and it is prevented from further hair loss.


Yoga for hair loss is very good but it carefully.