How to Get rid of Dark Circles: Yoga for dark circles speaks about the tragic thing to the most attractive feature in a woman, her eyes. Women’s eyes say a lot, in fact, speaks volumes. Unfortunately, nowadays women have dark circles under eyes, hindering her beauty. Though with the advancement in the cosmetic world, a lot of cosmetic surgeries and makeup is tired to get rid of dark circles, the effect is not as desired. Nevertheless, there are some logical and realistic ways of how to get rid of sleeping bags.

Causes of Dark Circles: Why do I have dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles around eyes cause due to crash dieting. This is the time your body does not get minerals, fluids and antioxidants and results in dark circles appearing under the eyes. Women, please watch out, the dark circles that appear once do not disappear; you just may try tightening them.

The irregular routine also has a great role in causing dark circles under your eyes. Working in BPOs, rotating shift jobs or night shifts are also causes of dark under eye circles. People with abdominal or bowel discomfort may also have dark circles problems. Generally, people with low intake of water or fluids also develop dark circles.

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Even with great makeup and good skin, a woman may look fatigued and tired due to dark circles. This may be due to lack of sleep, stress or ill health. The dark circles appear as they lack the blood flow and oxygen to the face. This is the reason, cosmetic methods are less effective in zapping the dark circles away and more is focused on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast with yoga wearing yoga pants as it promotes blood flow to the face and resolves this problem.

How to Get rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes Fast  With Yoga

  • Hastapadotasana:

This is a standing forward bend pose. Hastapadotasna stretches your muscles of all the parts of the body. It increases blood flow, invigorates nervous system and resolves digestive disorders. This is also the first pose that is best performed prior to beginning with other poses. It helps toning the abdomen muscles and relieves stomach disorders. This can be done keeping your legs shoulder apart. Stretch keeping your hands upwards and forward, ascertain to feel the stretch and bend slowly touching your palms to the floor, while the head touches knees. Breathe normally and hold this pose as long as you can.

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  • The Lion or the Singhasana pose:

This is the pose for you to sit in vajrasana such that you fold your knees and sit in a position such that you rest your hips on your leg heels, keeping your back straight. Slowly breathe in with full concentration on your breathing and release them suddenly and in association widen your mouth, keeping your tongue out, teeth protruding and eyes popping out. Hold for 60 seconds this pose and release.

  • Sarvangasana:

Any such inverted poses are also ideal in How to get rid of dark circles with yoga. Sarvangasana pose is to begin by lying on your back, positioning your hands stretched above your head. Bring both hands under your buttocks to offer your back support, lift legs together and raise your body such that it is 90 degrees to the floor. Your legs and whole body should balance on your neck. Maintain this pose for ½ to 2 minutes, ensure normal breathing.

  • Parvatasana

This is a pose where your feet and hands are on the ground, but you may lift your body middle part to maximum like a mountain that is Parvat. Touch heels on the ground, breath normally, hold this pose for ½ to 2 minutes. Shirshasana or headstand is also appropriate, but is best to be performed in the presence of an expert.

  • Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar  is a series of 12 physical postures alternating forward and backward bending postures flex, stretching spinal column, thus offering a profound stretch to the entire body.

These yoga poses expel toxins in lots from your body, so ensure to drink water 8 glasses every day. You may end your yoga session by the relaxing yoga pose that is Shavasana that offers complete relaxation and brings your breathe normal. These yoga postures may be done regularly to brighten the deep circles under eyes so that your face also receives the glow.

Caution While Doing Yoga for Dark Circles

Avoid trying poses in case you are suffering from spondylitis, heart disease or high blood pressure. Even women while menstruating may avoid such poses and stop tension and prepare yourself to answer your own query How to get rid of dark circles.

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