How to get rid of constipation is the question that hit our mind whenever we feel that stomach is paining badly because of constipation.Yoga for constipation is now offering a great relief. Acidity and gas conditions occur owing to certain factors such as eating oily and spicy foods, processed foods, improper eating, emotional factors, smoking, drinking habits and so on. The best way of eliminating this gas in the stomach is by practicing yoga regularly along with wearing yoga pants. However, practicing yoga implies having a guard on your eating habits.

Threats of excessive gas

The threats of excessive gas include headache, heart problems, acidity symptoms, coughing, vomiting, respiratory problems, stomach ulcers, inadequate weight, arthritis as the gas reaches your joints and disorder in the digestive system.

Yoga for constipation- Important tips 

Yoga for constipation has a big role in resolving this issue; however, with it you need to follow few tips:

• Increase fresh vegetables and fruits intake, especially leafy vegetables. This is because they give enough roughage and fiber in diet, enabling quick digestion.
• Regularly include curd or buttermilk in your lunch or after lunch. Add ginger and garlic to food, it helps in relieving chronic gas and acidity problems.
• Reduce junk foods intake, oily and spicy foods as they worsen the acidity and gas problems. Replace these foods with vegetables and fruits.
• Avoid cigarettes and drinking alcohol as the gas in increased in the body system.
• Say no to tea, coffee and other caffeine products
• Drink lots of water as it assists in smooth bowel movements and cleaning your gut. Thus get rid of gas. Water also offers relief from acidity problems as it keeps your body hydrated.
• Drinking alcohol is a strict no, especially beer.

Yoga relaxes your mind, strengthens your body, and offers a great relief from uncomfortable stomach gas.

Best Yoga for constipation  that eases excessive gas

Yoga is known for its turns and twists that it relieves uncomfortable bloating and intestinal gas, thus improving digestive health. It is a practice that has spiritual, physical, emotional and mental benefits. Yoga works towards calming central nervous system, strengthening muscles, oxygenation to organs and improves blood flow.A consistent yoga practice includes specific asanas assuring a mindful and healthy diet, and perhaps meditation also promotes digestive health.

Yoga and constipation refer to a part of the digestion and this may be influenced by activity and stress levels. This may be good with breathing exercises such as stretches, pranayama and repeating active postures. Various poses include sitting, standing, inverted, twisting and supine. These stretch your back, belly, sides and promote deep breathing and blood flow.

Forward folding. This yoga pose greatly compresses the abdominal cavity organs as you try releasing the bend, thus fresh oxygen and blood return to digestive organs.
Seated twisting: This pose is effective at managing bloating and stomach gas pain.
Twists: Twists relieve discomfort and gas pain. They “wring out” the organs and “move promoting regular elimination. Twisting from left to right supports digestion.

Helpful  Yoga for constipation- List continues

yoga for constipation

  • Tadasana (mountain pose): In this pose, inhale and position your arms overhead. Slowly exhale and bring them back low down to your sides.

yoga for constipation

  • Urdhva hastasana (upward salute): Position your arms over your head. Stretch to the right your upper body and for five seconds hold your breath. Get back to center, repeat to the left.


yoga for constipation

  • Uttanasana (standing forward bend): Position your feet together. Bend your hips bringing your face toward your shins, while place your hands next to your feet on the floor.

yoga for constipation

  • Paschimottanasana (sitting forward bend): Position your legs such that it is stretched out before you. Slowly bend forward and hold your feet.

yoga for constipation

  • Janu sirsasana (forward bend head-to-knee): Sit with a leg stretched in front and bend the other leg such that your foot sole rests against the stretched leg inner thigh. Ensure your torso is straight and bend forward. Repeat by switching legs.


yoga for constipation

  • Marichyasana (the Marichi pose): Position one leg stretched and bend the other leg touching your chest, keep the sole flat on the floor against the stretched leg inner thigh. Hold your hands at your back and bend forward. Repeat by switching legs.
Cautions u have to take below solving your query How to get rid of constipation
  • Avoid eating vegetables such as onion, radish, fried or spicy foods, unripe fruits, pickles, smoking, drinking alcohol, staying hungry for hours or junk food.
  • Don’t start doing exercises for long time in beginning. Do each for few minutes in beginning and slowly increase the time.
  • Do as much as you can do easily, don’t force your body.
  • Be calm while doing… plz plz don’t push your body too much.

Do Yoga for constipation with ease if you  wish to get relief from the issue of  How to get rid of constipation fast.