How to lose belly fat fast? hmm this  huge problem roam around in our mind whenever we see a beautiful( we too are beautiful)  AND slim girl cross us in any market or mall. We get too stressed at the same moment and start imagining ourselves in front of the mirror or ask our partner,’ Am I fat or slim from her?’. Our partner smile, some may answer or some may not… UFF…. WE hate them that moment.

We try to lose belly for few second by inhaling and stopping for few seconds… but that bad belly comes out as we ex- hail. As we reach home we start searching How to lose weight ? every where. Net addict people like me just type in google uncle address bar and start searching how to lose belly fat?

After talking to our friends or googling we find many ways… in those ways do you stopped at the word yoga?


YES ,,,,,

Yoga poses burn belly fat fast.

Do you agree with this term? You do or don’t? I think you are confused. Here I am here to clear the cloud of confusion.Yes, dear you can burn your belly fat with yoga exercises wearing yoga pants. You just need dedication towards it, that’s it.Do check out below about Yoga poses that burn belly fat fast.

The lifestyle of today, the lack of exercises, inclusions of junk foods and high-stress levels have become unpredictable that it gives rise to belly fat. The level of risk is higher; the wider is your abdomen. There are no shortcuts to eliminate fat from the abdomen. Only with the proper combination and proper fitness routine, it reduces the fat. Yoga reduces abdominal fat and permits to control your mind, thwarting risks of the wider abdomen. Yoga asanas help in becoming smarter and trim down belly fat.

Top 2 Yoga poses that help in our issue how to lose belly fat fast

Naukasana (Boat Pose):

How to lose belly fat?

This is a sought after yoga posture that offers a trim belly when you practice regularly. Holding this boat pose for over a minute helps contracting abdominal muscles.

• Lie on yoga mat; keep your legs stretched, palms resting facing the ground.
• Take deep breaths inside, lift your body and exhale.
• Stretch your arms such that it is parallel with your legs gazing the toes.
• Hold the position and feel abdominal muscles contracting.
• Breathe normally, hold for 30 to 60 seconds the posture
• Deeply inhale and exhale, relax and come to position.

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Ushtrasana (Camel Pose):


How to lose belly fat?

This counters the Naukasana pose. The stretching of backward offers you an experience on touching your ankles and thus helps in abdominal muscles toning. The tension felt at the abdominal muscles while doing the boat pose or the naukasana pose is now released slowly in the camel pose or Ushtrasana. Thus you also enjoy a perfect stretch.

The direction is as below:

• Sit in Vajrasana.
• Lift your body slowly up such that you must now be sitting on your knees supporting the entire body weight.
• Your heels can make a perpendicular line touching the ground.
• Inhale or exhale deeply, position your hands such that it is behind your body and you hold it with your ankles.
• Tilt head behind and stretch back till you experience the feel of belly stretch.
• Hold this position for 30 seconds initially or even a little less. Once you are able to hold this position, you may make your way to holding it for 60 seconds. Then breathe normally.
• Exhale and relax slowly and come back to the position of Vajrasana.

It is best to repeat this pose for 5 times a day and to initiate working gradually up to 30 times. You may relax for 15 seconds in between each time and continue the same after each repetition.

Above I told only two… na …………there are more yoga asanas for how to lose belly fat fast.

List of how to lose belly fat continues:

Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Pose):


How to lose belly fat?

This pose is of immense assistance if getting rid of the accumulated fat from the area of the lower abdominal region, thighs and hips. This pose is efficient and is an effective way of reducing the flab that easily gets accumulated in the region of your hips and waist during pregnancy.

The direction is as:

• Lie on the mat keeping your legs stretched, back touching the floor, heels touching each other. Position such that palms touch the ground and your hands are to the either sides of your body.
• Inhale and exhale slowly, bring your head back by tilting towards the back side such that it also touches the ground.
• Maintain the initial position and do not attempt moving your hands from that position. Keep breathing normal.
• Stretch maximum and ensure you do not hurt your back.
• Take a deep inhalation, make a 45 degree angle and raise your legs from the floor.
• Hold for 15 to 30 seconds this pose and breathe normally.
• Exhale deeply and lift your legs making a position of 90 degree angle on the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds and breathe normally.
• Deeply inhale, get your legs back to the initial position

Repeat this pose daily regularly for 10 times to start with, with regular practice start working up to 30 times gradually. Remember to relax for 15 seconds with each repetition. The repetition and regularity are 2 important ‘R’s that is best followed. It offers your body the feel of light weight and you can trim down your belly fat. Start slowly so that you do not hurt your back and likewise give relaxing time with each repetition, it is a must.

After reading this post I hope your query how to lose belly fat is vanished somewhere in clouds.

So get ready to lose belly fat.