How to Improve Concentration With Yoga Exercises

How to improve concentration and memory is the main search every reader is searching out on browsing sites. They find many ways but the best way is yoga. Practicing yoga is an amazing way of improving concentration and quieting the mind. Yoga has been known to have the best benefits and is an ancient practice. Practicing yoga regularly improves brain functioning. Practicing yoga ensures mental strength, the focus of mind and calm mind, thus reducing the fluctuations of the mind. The best postures of yoga to increase concentration and focus, besides quieting the mind. Do buy yoga pants to make your exercise easier.

Find following ways to your query how to improve concentration-


Prayer Pose

This pose is an ideal yoga practice. For this pose, stand straight keeping your hips apart and feet together and toes straight. Fold your hands in the Namaste position. This is also referred to as the Anjali mudra. Your weight should be evenly balanced so that your quads and calves are engaged, your shoulders relaxed and pelvis is in neutral position. Breathe deeply and it allows your body to feel the sensations of peace.


Eagle pose

Eagle Pose

This pose is for developing focus and is hence named as Garudasana, after Garuda, the Hindu god that is known for its focus, strength and power. For this pose, stand keeping your hands on your hips, feet together and focus steadily. Slightly bend your knees, cross your right leg over left thigh. Hook your right foot behind left calf, free your hands and bring it in cross arms position in front of you. Arms position should be left over right and bend elbows. Wrap arms and brings palms together. Gaze like an eagle. Keep your back straight and breathe through the nose.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2
A warrior needs courage, focus and intense concentration and this posture keeps your body fully engaged. Keep your feet apart. Extend your arms parallel to the floor with palms facing down. Position your right foot pointing toward the top of the mat and the left food is inward angled slightly. Keep your right knee on the right ankle, position your gaze on the middle finger by turning your head to right. Breathe.


Crane Pose..

Crane Pose

Begin by keeping your feet apart, place your hands away in front of your feet with fingers spread. Position your knees to your triceps or armpits and shift your weight lifting one foot and the other off the ground, stay focused and take deep breathe, your concentration is sure to improve.

Forward bend

Forward Bend
This pose relieves stress and quietness of the mind and this helps in concentrating on something. Keep your legs extended, toes pointing. Inhale and lengthen your spine. Exhale, fold from the hips and hold your feet. Rest your hands on shins; breathe deeply and in a proper posture exhale.


Five minutes of Pranayama helps in attaining more calm, and your state of mind is focused. In yoga therapy, the practice of breathing boosts your energy and also relaxes your mind. Begin by pressing your right nostril and inhale deeply from the left nostril. Do the same with left nostril. Continue this pattern and practice for 3 minutes daily. You can try this to a count of 5 as well.



Meditation focuses on brain boosting. Mindful meditation reduces anxiety and stress. Do it in any comfortable position, if your mind waters bring it by concentrating on your breath. Practice for 5 minutes.

Hope you find the solution of your query how to increase concentration and memory with the above-mentioned yoga exercises.



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