Peace of mind is the thing which every person is in searching of. His or her search can end with yoga. Practicing yoga wearing yoga pants daily is the best. There may be times when you are unable to do a full hour-long session of yoga. But, there are simple ways to do it every day without taking much of your time and also keeping the other activities daily in balance. Here are some fascinating ways to enjoy peace of mind that yoga offers and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Start with these ways for getting peace of mind

peace of mind

Begin your morning with some alertness and awareness. This is even before you are out of your bed. Just lie still and slowly become ready, start with your feet, move it up to your head, check yourself and acknowledge your body. At this time, your mind is calm and you can notice your body areas that may be uncomfortable or stiff. You can bring awareness as you go about and on practicing some intentional movements; you can loosen up stiff areas.


peace of mind

Practice Mountain poses so that you can identify the imbalances you experience in the posture and it may show you the minor pains and aches. Mountain pose is a fantastic posture that brings body awareness and is also the building block for all poses. The alignment principles are simple that it may be practiced while sitting or standing. You may sit or stand to keep your feet apart as the hip distance. Check your joints and align your knees over your ankles and see that your shoulders are in line with your hips. Take 3 deep breaths and practice this posture any time while washing dishes, brushing teeth, pumping gas, sitting or eating and standing in the grocery line. Mountain pose is an intentional practice that helps in improving posture throughout the day.

peace of mind

Become aware of breathing, calm your mind and come to the present. Take 3-5 deep breaths, bring calmness and energy. Take intentional breaths, in case you notice anxiety, frustration feeling or even if you have trouble in focusing. Take few minutes prior to getting out of the car and practice intentional breaths. It helps you get out of all types of frustrations that you may have experienced in the commute.

Trying these simple practices daily can bring big changes and calm mind in our life with regular yoga practice. Finding a moment of stillness is challenging and it is also difficult to fit all the things in an 8-hour workday. Even simple meditations help you stay connected with your inner light and you can stay with the collective consciousness.

First meditation for mindfulness and clarity

 Visualize your lives within your heart and it symbolizes a lotus. Feel the lotus residing in your heart. In the center, you can see the light radiance of yourself. You have to focus your inner gaze on this light. Allow your breath to flow organically and you will feel illuminated by the inner light.

peace of mind - meditation

Secondly, perform meditation for Decision-Making

 Decision making is troublesome. The simple mantra is to clear the obstacles and fear blocking your mind. This is a mantra that helps you align with the divine and around you. You may chant Shiv-oh-hum and awaken the happiness within the natural state. The sound Hum promotes the throat chakra and gives us enough confidence to speak the truth with integrity and clarity. This mantra vibrates the 3rd eye chakra and helps in awakening the inner wisdom.  You can build trust by chanting Shiv-oh-hum and make free decisions without any fear.

Thirdly, basic meditation

You may light a candle and gaze at it for few moments. Your thoughts will dance with the light. With the flame beginning to find stillness, you may surrender to space silently; here space is between breaths.  Allow your mind to do as it wishes and just observe silently your thoughts. Become detached, watch as an audience, breath slowly, starts the Om mantra. Once you feel the OM vibration get along with Om Namah Shivaya chanting. Your strength is limited by thoughts and so be strong. Give time to realize your inner strength and enough permission to act boldly without any sort of fear or hindrance.

Meditation is a journey. You must take small steps with complete respect and awareness of the beautiful imprint that your mind radiates and then get peace of mind.